KPGD at Bruin Bhangra XIX- 1st place

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  1. kdshah

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    What’s up BTF! Here is our video from Bruin. We tried to do something very different this year and hope you enjoy our production: “A Journey Through Time.”

    If anyone has any other videos of us, feel free to post them here! We'd love to see other views :)


    Bruin committee- (Vaibhav, Saira, Sukhi, Jesse, Guransh, & Gagan) for making sure everything worked out for this set and helping in every way you could

    Bruin audience- for standing and dancing during our performance, for making such a sweet rail gaddi during our performance, & for the standing ovation at the end. We’re so happy to have entertained you!

    Radhika & Ananya- for helping us with so much throughout the weekend, especially running stage production exactly how I wanted. we couldn't have pulled this set off without ya!

    Sumeet- for being such a badass dancer and leading us on stage

    Whole team- for pitching in choreo ideas (especially Nimit, Karam, Naishal, Abhay), for putting up with me for the past few months, for powering through all the issues/injuries, and for having so much fun on stage. love you phoolz

    Sagar Amin (SP Digital Media)- for making a perfect video backdrop to help tell bring our vision to life

    Teg Hans & GSingh- for working so hard on the mix and stepping up to the challenge of doing something different with this set. i know i asked for a lot, but i hope you enjoyed the experience! it was so damn fun dancing to your mix

    Yuri Doolan- for being my sounding board for every production idea and making sure we got every detail right

    JJ, FCB, Bruin- for being so accommodating with letting us borrow various parts of your vardiyaan & make our 4-man jodis happen

    Harjot (GTV)- for editing this video to help showcase our video backdrop and help people experience it properly! much love for all that you do

    As we continue to develop our team, Sumeet, Iffy, and I would like to announce the start of our new academy, Carolina Indian Arts (CIA for short)! KPGD will fall under the umbrella of the academy. We can’t wait for the future of this academy and KPGD! Til next time…

    Black: Sumeet Jindal, Karam Tatla, Sahil Dadoo, Abhay Qureshi
    Red: Kuntal Shah, Iffy Hassan, Naishal Patel, Azie Dhingra
    Blue: Nimit Desai, Kurren Mehta, Rohit Bulchandani, Chirag Shah
    Purple: Ace Motas, Akash Patel, Harsh Desai, Ravin Golwala

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  2. Howie Magz

    Howie Magz Active Member

    The jhoomer was my favorite part. Especially when everyone yelled balle shava (or what i think it is). That was mad hot. Such a huge improvement and really amazing theme overall. Sick sick job once again.
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  3. vaibhav

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    KPGD - You all won over LA. I have been to my fair share of Bruin's as either a organizer, competitor, or audience member, and I have to say - I don't think I have seen too many teams that have been able to excite and energize the Bruin audience as well as you all did. Watching this live was truly something else! Huge props, homies :).
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  4. sahab

    sahab Member

    During saaps when everyone is clapping and the birds fly in the background...perfect

    The attention to details, so memorable
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  5. lalfuture

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    What I loved about this video was how different it was. Sets lately have been pretty standard, but a few teams like SPD, AEG, KPGD still really understand how to express folk and nakhra in a modern way. Definitely love the creativity, hoping you guys release the Virginia mela video soon.
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  6. Nimit

    Nimit Active Member

    Jesus christ my back hurts
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  7. BhangraSUCKS

    BhangraSUCKS Member

    good catch on the cow in the beginning
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  8. desi99

    desi99 Aruan S.

    Very Fun Set, and choice of moves, Lean at 7:59 was attt:D
    Song choices in mix were good to hear as well..
    Congratz !
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  9. JATTinder

    JATTinder New Member

    Congrats on the first place. It was well deserved in the context of Bruin this year. Watching this live, I immediately knew this was going to win because of how you guys managed to win over the audience. That's something that Harjot didn't really capture or do justice to unfortunately with the dubbing. That being said, I don't think this set was a legendary set, as the form was all over the place and there were not as many memorable moments as there should've been. If you guys had brought this set to Bruin last year I'm not sure if it would have placed at all. I went segment by segment below:

    Intro: Sher had good intentions, but execution was quite poor because of the thick American accent

    Mela: Loved the simplicity, form and use of props. Would have liked see a series of stunts as well, in order to fully capture Bhangra from the 50's. Overall great start though.

    Khundey: The variations of speed made this segment for me. Clean and the hype created especially at the drop contributed to the opening of the set. Form suffered at the hands of speed here though...shit was all over the place. Some dancers were clearly going more hard than others by significant amounts, and shoulders and extensions were all over the place. I'd focus on normalizing the energy across the board to create the most hype possible.

    Saap: Definitely a low point in the set. Nothing impressed me here, I felt as if the little bird gimmick was far fetched, and the segment overall was pretty monotonous. Song selection could've been much better. Cleanliness was also not really there other than at the drop.

    Filler 1/Phumaniya: The bhetke were quite impressive, so they made the segment. Definitely memorable in that respect.

    Jhoomar: Excelled when it came to formations. One of the better segments that I've seen with Teriya Meriya. The spacing during Assi Haan Punjabi was off quite a bit; again nothing really memorable there.

    Filler 2: Formations and choreo were both sick here, I enjoyed this segment a lot.

    Dhamaal: Corny segment, and would only work at a comp like Bruin where crowd interaction is taken into account a considerable amount. Form lacked the most here, it was obvious that yall were tired by looking at the laziness in both the arms and legs. Fit the theme though, and you guys did a great job building electricity in the crowd to lead you guys into the ending.

    Jugni: Did a good job showing off that 2000s Bhangra theme with that cheesy choreo and stunts. Can't really critique form here cause that's actually how it was back then

    Ending: Good song selection, other than the spins though, nothing was memorable. Formations were on point here again.

    You guys have improved a lot from last year and I hope this all helps you even more for future comps.
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