Lalkar 2018 Lineup

Nachdi Jawani Ankhiley
Princeton Bhangra
GU Jawani
Virsa: Our Tradition
UMD Bhangra
Gajdi Jawani
D.C. Metro Punjabi Arts Academy
MIT Bhangra

We wish to thank all the teams that applied and congratulate and welcome these selected teams to the competition. We will be soon arranging a video conference call between these 8 teams' captains and the judges of the competition. Also, we will dedicate an exclusive team member to a team for liaison. We will communicate directly with these teams now.

Teams you have till tomorrow to confirm and pay for those on the roster.

For any questions, inputs or clarifications email or call us.


♥ BTF ♥
Staff member
Excellent lineup! Good luck to all teams competing and the competition organizers. I hope it's a fun time for everyone attending.

~ Basim :)