Lalkar Bhangra Competition 2018 Registration Packet

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  1. Lalkar Competititon

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    Hello BTF,

    Happy New Year! Delaware Sikh Awareness Coalition is excited to announce the very first Lalkar Bhangra Competition 2018 to be held on April 28th, 2018. The competition will take place at Gauger Cobbs Middle school in Newark, Delaware (50 Gender Rd, Newark, DE 19713) at 5PM.

    The competition is open to both collegiate and independent teams, and we will be accepting a total of 8 teams for the competition. Below are the prize money distributions for first, second, and third place respectively:

    1st. $2000
    2nd. $1000
    3rd. $500

    The registration is officially open to all teams interested in applying for the competition. Please fill out the application packet, along with a 3-5 minute video of the routine your team will be performing at the competition, and a $75 refundable application fee to . the early registration deadline is no later than 11.59 PM on Feb 25th, 2018. Late registration deadline is March 04th, 2018, and will include a fee of $100.

    Other details such as judges applications and after party information will be released soon.


    Please find the link to the application packet below:

    We are excited to start receiving the applications! Thank you for choosing Lalkar Bhangra Competition.
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  2. mithu

    mithu Active Member

    Will information on judges be released?
  3. Lalkar Competititon

    Lalkar Competititon New Member


    Do you mean a judges app? yes it will be.
  4. Lalkar Competititon

    Lalkar Competititon New Member

    Only a few days left to submit your application packet for 'Lalkar 2018' ! The last date for early registration is Feb 25, 2018.
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  5. Narinder singh

    Narinder singh New Member

    wow ! First time ever in First State.
  6. Charanjeet Minhas

    Charanjeet Minhas New Member

    $2000 is the top prize. Mixer on 27 and great after party. Out of state teams can stay in a hotel near the venue for very discounted rates including breakfast and wifi
  7. Charanjeet Minhas

    Charanjeet Minhas New Member

    First Bhangra Competition in the First State: A standard of hosting that everyone will envy!
  8. Narinder singh

    Narinder singh New Member

    Chukde deo Phate..............
  9. Basim

    Basim ♥ BTF ♥ Staff Member

    @Charanjeet Minhas & @Narinder singh - please stop bumping this topic. If you have more information to share about this competition, that is fine, otherwise bumping up this topic every few days is not encouraged.

    The teams that are interested will apply, regardless. Being a first year competition, I would encourage you to spend more time on figuring out how to make this the best experience it can be for teams, audience members, judges, etc rather than adding repeated information or adding useless posts in this topic.


    ~ Basim :)
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  10. Charanjeet Minhas

    Charanjeet Minhas New Member

    Assi anjane vich aave kuch kuch likh baithe
    Tanu khush karn lage tera dukh bun baithe

    Thanks, Basim, for pointing that out. Appreciate that dear. We will keep the inputs you dished in mind. A typical case when a non-curated, raw, gesture of help hurts not embalms!


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