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    re-posting from the main section since there's a lot of dhol-chat in here:

    Kidaan people!

    This is Dave Sharma, percussionist/producer/drummer here in NYC. Glad to see this resource is around for everyone dancing and learning bhangra-- things have changed tremendously over the years and the overall quality of teams is just stupendous right now. Big ups to everyone involved!

    I'm currently teaching dhol lessons here in NYC-- you can get more info at learnthedhol.com ,or on twitter (@learnthedhol). A bunch of my gig history (AR Rahman/Bombay Dreams, Basement Bhangra, Bikram Singh, Moby, etc) is up on the site but drop if a line if you've got any questions or curiosities.

    Whether you're looking to take private lessons or want to organize a seminar for all the dholis on your team-- let me know!


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