Local Teams Competing in Home Town Comps

Discussion in 'Main Bhangra Discussion' started by Harneet Kaur, Oct 11, 2017.

  1. Harneet Kaur

    Harneet Kaur New Member

    What are your thoughts on local teams competing in their home town competitions? In favor or against and why?

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  2. hsdeol

    hsdeol Active Member

    how do you feel about it?
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  3. Harneet Kaur

    Harneet Kaur New Member

    I don't think it's a problem. If our team is independent of the comp committee then I think it should be okay. I just wanted to see what the perspective of the current bhangra circuit is.

    What about you @hsdeol ?

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  4. hsdeol

    hsdeol Active Member

    I agree. I in fact think its better when teams compete at hometown shows. it gets a bigger crowd (its always fun to dance in front of a big audience), adds a lil more competition, and gives all visiting teams a group to talk to for resources/info.
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  5. Prabhzy

    Prabhzy Active Member

    Imperial College has been doing this since the start of The Bhangra Showdown. They are the organisers of the show and they dance on it every year. There was a bit of controversy a few years ago when some people were up in arms over the conflict of interest. Bear in mind this was when UK bhangra was generally shit. Now everyones come to expect that Imperial brings out a good set every year so no one cares anymore really. Plus ticket sales go through the roof ;)
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