Michigan Bhangra Team 2016-2017 Season Videos

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    Hey everyone! It’s been a great year for MBT, and @Piumi and I are very excited to finally release our competition videos from this season. We began this year with the vision of creating MBT’s very first 16-dancer set and spent the first portion of the year training over half a team of entirely new dancers. We wanted to push MBT to new levels of creativity and entertainment and were lucky enough to end up with such a dedicated and talented group of team members that quickly rose up to the challenge. We’re so proud of how much this team has grown this year!

    A huge thank you to @sahab , @Howie Magz , and Pratik for molding us into the dancers and leaders that we are today and for continuing to be mentors throughout all our endeavors this year. We also wanted to thank all the judges we’ve had this season that provided very constructive, timely feedback between each competition. The caliber of teams, especially those we’ve competed against in the collegiate circuit, increases so much each year and we’re so humbled by all the talent we’ve seen that has only motivated us to work even harder.

    We would love to hear feedback from the BTF community about anything you liked/disliked about our set and how we can improve moving forward, so feel free to post below!

    Bhangra Fever

    Naach di Cleveland (Best Finale, Best Vardiyan)

    Nachde Nashville (2nd Place)

    Bhangra Blowout

    Mixes (thanks to DJ HsD!)
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    Having been to majority of your competitions this semester it is always a pleasure to see the next generation move forward. I understand from the time that Pratik, Sahab, and I have graduated, you lost over 4 boys and also some of the dancers who consistently danced with us from 2015-2016. It is always a difficult time to bounce back especially when that occurs and I would like to say that the both of you girls @Akshaya and @Piumi have exceeded my expectations for the year. I always wanted to go 16 at a competition with MBT in the past and you guys were finally able to bring that to life at Fever.

    Dancer quality was one thing that dipped this year. Majority of your dancers need to lift their legs more when they dance and also dance in a wider stance. I can tell who is a newbie dancer and who has been dancing for a while. The dancing from a lot of your newbie dancer looks a bit forced and it gets sloppy at certain times (chicken move and jhoomer). It needs to look effortless and natural. This should evolve over time and also since a lot of the new kids are freshmen, they will get a sophomore jump in their dancing.

    I liked a lot of this set and I disliked a lot of this set as well. My personal thing is that there was wayyy too much non bhangra influence being incorporated in this set especially with the jhoomer portions and also the jugni segment. One non bhangra song usually is the maximum I will be willing to use in a set. Also in terms of props segment, it appeared to me like a generic shikke segment I would see from a collegiate team. Make use of the formations for props have people move more and have more hard hitting choreo especially from props.

    I am excited to see what you guys bring next year especially that for you @Akshaya this being your second year captaining the team. You guys have gotten a good amount of dancers and its now y'all job to train them more moving forward. With collegiate scene now being dominated by UNC, Cal, and Buckeye its time for MBT to upset a couple of those heavy hitters moving forward ;)

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