MixCraft 6 Serial ?

Discussion in 'Main Bhangra Discussion' started by Navi Dhaliwal, Jul 2, 2012.

  1. Navi Dhaliwal

    Navi Dhaliwal Member

    Does anybody have a working one, none of that team union shit becasue that doesnt work, my mixcraft just stopped working today and i was wondering if anybody had a serial that they could share ? if you do you can either pm me or post it on the thread. Please and Thank you.
  2. mithu

    mithu Active Member

    Not trying to be an ass. Try googling it or just use thepiratebay. I think I might have one, message me on fb (SSK page)
  3. Navi Dhaliwal

    Navi Dhaliwal Member

    all g bro, and ye i tried bboth but still no sucess :( ill pm you or fb you
  4. sangeensingh

    sangeensingh New Member

    Trust me bro, the 70 or 80 bucks is well worth it. The perks of actually owning the software will amplify your mixing and creativity by a lot. Probably the best software investment ive ever made.
  5. Shawn Johal

    Shawn Johal Must I go on?

    This is your best bet at getting it free.

    [link removed]

    [SIZE=medium]1)run setup 2)don't start it up yet close it 3)open patch and click in middle of it and it will do stuff and when it says OK on bottom left lil box its done. 4)if a Antivirus catches the patch check your Quarentine area and restore and exclude from scanning and or temporarly shut off AV. i tested it and is not a bad patch or trojaned up its safe some av's will catch it because its a patch 5)Enjoy [/SIZE]​
    [SIZE=medium]Sorry if you can't see the instructions clearly, a better format is in the info of the torrent.[/SIZE]​

    [SIZE=medium]Moderator's Note: PirateBay link removed[/SIZE]

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