Mixing Ladder Song Suggestions


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Dil Vaarda - Sukshinder Shinda and Harj Nagra

Jump to the Bhangra - Bups Saggu

Stubborn - Surjit Khan

Baaghi Tera Yaar - JK (Strongly recommend this one as this song has no beat to it, just raw Punjabi percussion which makes the trakc versatile to mixing)
Kacheri - Surjit Khan
Difference - Amrit Maan
Shikaar - Parry Sarpanch
Nashe - Preet Harpal
Dabka - Harsimran
Ronda Ronda - Armaan Bedil
Taap - Gurjazz
Great suggestions!! Thanks guys.

We hope to plan for a special week where we take some of your suggestion, so we definitely encourage BTF audience members or DJ's to post songs that you want to hear mixed in this season's ladder! They can be old, new, popular, rare, etc etc.. all songs are welcome!

All the best,

~ Basim :)
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