Naach Di Cleveland 2019 Results & Feedback


Happy Monday Y'all! Now that all our board has slept for a consecutive 24 hours we just wanted to say that we hope you all enjoyed Naach di Cleveland 2019! We had an amazing time hosting everyone and could not be more honored to have showcased 16 incredible teams, plus our exhibition act Dhamakapella

Shout out to our judging panel-Sid Pandit, Nimit Desai, Sukhi Bring, Varan Rakhra, and Sahab Grover-, Sai Conjeevaram (photography), Mithin Thomas (videography and livestream), and liaisons for putting together a philanthropic event that was a joy to attend, took risks, and further made its mark in the Bollywood-Fusion and Bhangra dance circuits. Your hard work deserves to be recognized!!

Congratulations to our placing teams:

1st Place: BU Bhangra
2nd Place: The Michigan Bhangra Team
3rd Place: CMU Bhangra

Best Mix: VT Bhangra
Best Vardiya: Boiler Bhangra
Best Jodi: The Michigan Bhangra Team
Best Gimmick: BU Bhangra

And a thank you to all the teams that performed at NDC 2019 and shared their amazing sets with us:

Sherniyan Di Sarkar
Boiler Bhangra
Ministry of Bhangra: Chicago
VT Bhangra
Wisconsin School of Bhangra

We as a board are always looking for ways to improve our competition and team experience for coming years and welcome any and all feedback!

-NDC Board