Naach Di Cleveland 2020 Results & Feedback!


Hi Hello BTF! We would like to thank everyone who attended Naach Di Cleveland 2020! It was an incredible success and we had the best time hosting 15 bhangra and fusion teams!

Shout out to our judging panel-Sid Pandit, Simran Lalli, Kuntal Shah, Sahab Grover, and Eshann Toteja-, Sai Conjeevaram (photography), Harjot Hundal-GTV & Alvin Alex (videography and livestream), and our liaisons & staff for being the absolute best, supporting us every step of the way, and helping us celebrate our 5th year!

Congratulations to our placing teams:

1st Place: Farishtey
2nd Place: Duniya De Rang
3rd Place: CMU Bhangra

Best Mix: Guransh Singh (Kalerity) - Farishtey
Best Vardiya: BU Bhangra
Best Jodi: Puneet Dhatt & Puneet Gill - Michigan Bhangra Team
Most Spirited: BU Bhangra

And a thank you to all the teams that performed at NDC 2020 and shared their amazing sets with us:

Michigan Bhangra Team
BU Bhangra
GT Bhangra
Bruin Bhangra

We've had 5 incredible years under our belt but know this is just the beginning and would like to welcome any feedback to help us grow :)

-NDC Board
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Just went for my 4th NDC. NDC is always an excellent competition from start to finish. excellent communication pre comp, extremely well run during the weekend, and excellent communication post-comp. Highly recommend any team apply for a great experience.


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Comp was really fun. Mixer was different. I would have preferred just to do the dance battle stuff and get out to save time.

It's nice having a comp run by dancers so they actually understand how the teams feel.

Emily Chang is the goat liaison.