Naachi di Cleveland 2019 Predictions

What teams do you think will place at NDC 2019?

  • CMU

  • Boiler

  • MOB

  • SDS

  • MBT

  • VTech

  • Wisco School of Bhangra

  • BU

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This year NDC is mixing up the circuit with a rubric focused more heavily on creativity, complexity, innovative choreography and formations over cleanliness/dancing/form. Next Saturday (3/23), teams will be judged based on a 60/40 split between creativity and cleanliness by Sid Pandit, Sukhi Bring, Sahab Grover, Nimit Desai and Varan Rakhra. Considering all this, who do you all see placing at NDC 2019?

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*tickets will be more expensive after this Saturday (3/17) and even more expensive at the door so get em soon*