Nachdi Jawani Folk Loverz @ BBC 2018 (1st Place)


Hello everyone,

First off I would like to congratulate ABC and BU Bhangra for their respective placings at Boston Bhangra, along with all the other teams that competed at Boston. I really felt that everyone brought their A game to Boston this year. I would also like to congratulate Rohit and the rest of the directors of Boston Bhangra for holding down a great weekend for all of the teams. A big thank you to Rohit for being a progressive organizer. He has been open to feedback from last year's BBC and implemented a lot of changes to make this a competition to remember. Also, a big shoutout to our liaisons Natasha and Vindhya you guys were awesome!

A big shoutout to the main man Puneet Pabla (PablaMix) for creating such a great mix for our team. He was a joy to work with and honestly an amazing individual, I can’t say enough good things about him. He worked tirelessly to create my exact vision for this mix.

These are the jodiyan:

Red: Jaskirat, Anoop
Blue: Arman, Sukhvir
Pink: Kanwal, Gurjap
Orange: Sukhman, Jaskaran
Green: Arwinder, Tanraj
Purple: Gurwinder, Gurnoor
Dholi: Manvir Duhra

Here is the performance, hope you all enjoy it and as always any feedback/comments are appreciated.

Video credits: @hardeep_singh

Official Mix:
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The dancers are getting better every comp. Folk Loverz is always raising the bar and setting new standards of what the younger generation can do on stage!


You guys get enough compliments on your dancing...... but can I just say, the song selection and mix is phenomenal.
Big ups to Pabla for such a smooth mix but whoever chooses the songs in this team deserves some extra recognition.


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I have watched this set and these dancers a few times now, and honestly the set design is pretty unique. Each competition Nachdi Jawani, all of its teams, finds a way to continuously push the bar to create better and better sets. Huge shoutout to Jaskirat, Anoop and Arman, yall are absolutely filthy dancers.

However, one thing I think you guys can focus on, if you watch the top balcony view, you can see just how hunched some of your dancers dance. I don't know if it is a stylistic thing, but you can tell how leaned forward dancers are rather than chest up, back straight. But again that could be a stylistic thing between our team and yours.


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Enjoyed this performance, really liked seeing some new faces and new talent. With regards to what I liked, @Shahrukh brings up a good point and I wholeheartedly agree, the middle 3rd of this set flows incredible well with regards to pacing and choreography. And I think some of the more developing/inexperienced teams can learn from it, when designing a set it can be easy to mash together a bunch of different songs with different paces and the end-result is a disjointed, jerky set. I liked that the pace changed in the middle third between different segments, but flowed well.
Another strong point of the set was the pure josh your dancers have, that's hard to teach and in my opinion comes from letting go and enjoying the stage experience.
-Formations were simple, khunde had some effective formations, but were recycled from old sets (NJ DDA 2010)
-Dancers weren't well standardized-bhetke form wasn't always strong, legs weren't always picked up
-I think its time to retire the Lovely Professional University Jhoomer squads "hold and pop" move (not really a critique just a hot take)