Norcal Naujawan @ Legacy of Bhangra 2017

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  1. GSingh

    GSingh Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone, linked below is Norcal's performance from a week ago at Legacy of Bhangra in San Jose, CA.

    Please share your thoughts either in this thread or PM me! Any and all feedback is welcomed and appreciated.

    The mix will be released soon :)

    Congratulations to Soormay and the Vancity girls for their placings!

    Aqua: Tanveer Dhaliwal & Harkamal Grewal
    Purple: Manish Badwal & Deepak Chandi
    Blue: Gursimran Singh & Irman Mashiana
    Green: Sunny Saimplay & Jackie Thind
    Pink: Chetan Parmar & Hamreet Singh
    Black: Ajay Heera & Hansraj Singh
    Red: Prabhjot Kalira & Gurdeep Pabla
    Orange: Ricky Dhanota & Harsh Desai
    Dholi: Amanraj Singh

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  2. SahilG

    SahilG Member

    Majha, Malwa, Doaba gimmick was sick! Great mix as always
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  3. mithu

    mithu Active Member

    Below average.
    Not enough hihats or chipmunks.
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  4. GSingh

    GSingh Well-Known Member


    Thank you!
  5. KarnSingh

    KarnSingh Active Member

    Nice performance! Dancers demonstrated the ability to execute natural bhangra, with cohesive josh/nakhra and command of song/segment. These attributes have potential to you great places. However, by far the biggest shortcoming here is the immense lack of standardization in movements. You have to go through every segment, every beat (including and-beats) to clarify what all 16 performers should look like. Then repeat that nonstop. Then do all out run-throughs to achieve pin-point accuracy. Remember, since your dancers already have a solid foundation in natural bhangra, they will NOT become robotic as a result of standardization. It unifies everyone on stage, so you can truly dance as one. Some teams go bass-ackwards by teaching standardized arm/leg motions, and then trying to ingratiate fundamental bhangra performance qualities --- THIS DOES NOT WORK.

    Must jump on beat. Getting everyone's stamina up will dramatically improve synchronization. Take a look at the picture I attached, you really have to hone in on those details. 1.PNG

    Mix tends to get monotonous, and consecutive segments are occurring with seemingly average BPM without much musical or choreographical impact. Take a look at 3:50-4:50. You guys are using 6-8 beats to change formations, doing some filler steps in spot for 10-12 beats, and repeat (I didn't actually count the beats). You want some variability in tempos/song style, coupled with formational creativity (not just changing shapes), and use choreographic creativity to set up suspense. This way you get a rollercoaster of events via music (melo segment into upbeat segment into slow poppy segments into natural pace ... etc), and allow for emotions to be constantly changing, leading you into your drop (ie: chaal, luddi, etc). One thing I always like doing when making choreo, is fitting it to the song exactly, in other words, if I felt that my choreo could be done to other songs as well, I wasn't doing a good job of having a reason for that particular song. If you can fabricate choreo specifically to the vibe of the song, then you can attain optimum levels of "emotional rollercoaster," making it much more memorable too. Every segment should have a new demeanor, and piece the entire picture together.

    Really enjoyed end segment into stomp off. Red did great. Overall, tons of great things to build on. Hella potential from this squad. Best of luck
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  6. Howie Magz

    Howie Magz Well-Known Member

    A lot of improvement in comparison to your past sets and overall improvement as a whole. However the black jodi would go buck wild and look very different at times. People making silly mistakes in this set which can honestly cost you a placing when point margins can mean the difference between placing and not placing at all. You guys need to not make these mistakes on stage and for 1-16 to understand that to dance as a unit as you cannot have one person going buck in comparison to the other 16. It makes not only that dancer look bad, but those around him as well. I also think formations can be a bit more intricate as they seem quite standard to me. I think the biggest things that need to be worked on is the synchronization of your dancers and the formations need to be more complex.
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  7. jdeol

    jdeol Member

    You guys should upload that mix. It's vry Nic
  8. scaplash

    scaplash Husky Bhangra (retired); KWG; GR

    Always love seeing you guys perform-mix was hype, ending gimmick was pretty cool. You guys had some nice variations and creativity in choreo

    Agree with the comments made above, especially with regards to formations. They could have been more complex, but I think most importantly, the formations didn't work really to amplify the effect of the choreo. Formations should make choreo/drops stronger. Instead a bunch of segments had dancers moving all over stage for the 1st 16 counts and then stay in spot for the drop. Choreo complexity and formation work is there, I just think working on making them complement each other can take this set even farther.

    Props on having solid dancer rotation, I felt like I got a chance to see most jodis in the front. Also, like how you guys applied some folk concepts into prop segments, like the transition from saap + khunde to just khunde and the jhoomer segment.

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