Official Burgh in the Burgh 8 Placings!


1 - SMD
2 - FCB
3 - UNC Bhangra Elite

Not sure how MOB didn't place. They had the best set of the night

P.S. - It's sad that CMU does exhibition, but is cleaner and executes better than half the team's competing


About damn time, well deserved ladies. Can't wait for you to keep tearin the circuit up!


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WOW congrats to SMD and all of New York because this is huge. #Folk #FolkGirls #FolkLife #FolkNewYork #AnkurKhanna


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SMD should've places last year at Warrior, they had a very creative and fun set to watch. Good Stuff girls! Congratulations & Well Deserved 8)

Bhangra in the Burgh

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Congratulations to all of the eight teams who competed last night at Soldiers and Sailors! It was amazing to watch each of you perform and you all should be so proud of a fantastic night!

To all those who came to the show, we hope you enjoyed the show and will be back again for Burgh 9! Special shoutout and thanks to all our sponsors!

The official Burgh 8 winners are:

1st Place: Shaan Mutiyaaran Di (SMD)
2nd Place: First Class Bhangra (FCB)
3rd Place: University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill: Bhangra Elite (UNC)
Congratulations once again!

Please keep in mind that the following teams have requested that any videos of their performance are not put up. If you do have a video, please email them!
George Mason University (GMU)
Ministry of Bhangra (MOB)
Shaan Mutiyaaran Di (SMD)
Virsa: Our Tradition
University of North Carolina Chapel Hill Bhangra Elite

If you have any feedback about this weekend, please email us at We'd love to hear from you; we want to make Burgh 9 even better than Burgh 8!

Thank you all so much for a gr8 weekend,
Bhangra in the Burgh 8 Executive Board

Congrats to all the placing teams teams

SMD 1st place--I agree---long time coming. Congrats Reeda and the rest of the team.
FCB- I heard that it was 8 min of absolute craziness on stage :)
UNC- I noticed the new look vardis! Yeshel---I can't wait to see the improvements on the video bro!

I heard that the weekend was well run as usual and the emcees were so much better this year compared to previous ones in the past....well done
I can't wait to check out the GTV weedios. (wut it do Harjot--thank you in advance for these vids) :D

- Dholi Ram


What a weekend.

Reeda and SMD - congratulations to all of you on 1st! I genuinely hope your success continues on throughout the year. Shoutout to CMU alum Poorvi for tearing up that stage.

My homies at FCB - you know we always got your back and y'all ripped it as usual. SiddyP - you said that I had better lose my voice yelling during your set. Well, it happened. First Class Forever.

Yeshel, Pooja and UNC - as I mentioned earlier, it's great to see UNC returning to their old ways. I can't wait to watch your set. And it was great to see you as always.

RsKderpu said:
P.S. - It's sad that CMU does exhibition, but is cleaner and executes better than half the team's competing
Can't tell you how much that shoutout means to us, man. We have always treated BIB like a competition, and it's great to have our work recognized.

Also - if anyone has a video of CMU, please send it over to "" and don't share it around just yet. We'll be posting publicly next month.


Extremely well run competition in almost every aspect, and dancing in that venue is breathtaking every time.

Congrats to SMD on winning the competition - I wish I had the chance to see your set live! Special shout-out to fellow Duke alum Laamia for killing it as always.

UNC - great to see yall put it together this year. Supremely clean set, and an incredible display of stage presence, especially given the number of new/first time dancers on this stage. Rani, Radhika, Yeshal, Pooja - yall have done an incredible job with this team - can't wait to see what you bring next semester.

MOB - i think yall got robbed. In my opinion, this was one of the best sets of the night. Haven't seen a cleaner performance in several years, and execution was on point. Right after your performance ended, each and every one of our dancers said, "This is 1st place" (no disrespect to SMD - our team didn't get a chance to see SMD live cause they were right after us, so we were judging based on the other teams). Hold your heads high after that one, and keep that up moving forward.

Columbia - By far, most entertaining performance of the night for me. I have never seen a team have more fun dancing on stage. Yall have some work to do on your form and style, but keep that energy and that fire when you're on stage. Everyone on GMU was going crazy for you because yall represent exactly why we all dance. Especially taller guy in glasses and the guy who was front right in last song.

Despite countless injuries to our team, I'm extremely proud of GMU for our performance - I had an awesome time. Special shout-out to Jasmeen & Jay for dealing with our crap throughout practices, and to Yasser Ansari, who danced despite dislocating his knee two minutes before walking onto stage...


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UMD Bhangra had an awesome weekend at burgh! We were excited to share the stage with so many great teams.
CONGRATS to SMD, FCB, and UNC for their placings you guys really deserved it.

It was with this competition that i realized how much more we have to bring to a competition, none the less we had an amazing time and had no regrets. If anyone has specific comments about our set please PM me.

Huge shout out to FCB and SMD for cheering like no other while watching every set and encouraging every dancer, it was really awesome to have that in the crowd.

and again congrats to SMD, you girls finally got what you deserve

Gabroo Tv

ramv88 said:
I can't wait to check out the GTV weedios. (wut it do Harjot--thank you in advance for these vids) :D
Ju belcome. A few teams have already received drafts to view and critique their performance. Public videos will start coming online tomorrow afternoon.


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I like the title of this thread. good one ricky :p