Raniyaan di Raunaq - Official Placings and Feedback Form


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Hello BTF,

Thank you to the dancers, staff, and audience members of Raniyaan di Raunaq for making the event so successful! Every team was incredible, both on and off stage.

Here are the placings for the competition:

1st Place: DC Metro Punjabi Arts Academy
2nd Place: Da Real Punjabiz
3rd Place: New England Bhangra Club

Best Mix: Nachda Punjab Bhangra Academy
Best Jodi: Virginia School of Bhangra - Black Jodi
Best Team Unity: Da Real Punjabiz
Best Dancer: DC Metro Punjabi Arts Academy - Manpreet Kaur

The judges score sheets can be found using this link and the live stream is still up on our facebook page. Video’s of the performances and photographs of the weekend will also be up on our facebook page soon.

As a first-year competition that was first of its kind, we are eager to hear back from you about what you thought. Please leave your comments on the below google form or post your comments below.

Thank you so much! We really appreciate all the feedback that we can get.

Raniyaan di Raunaq Team


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I fail to understand why the judging categories were grouped to generate rankings for "set design", "team unity", and "overall impact", looking at the sheet my perception is that it only serves to obfuscate the final placings.


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I fail to understand why the judging categories were grouped to generate rankings for "set design", "team unity", and "overall impact", looking at the sheet my perception is that it only serves to obfuscate the final placings.
When judging, it's nice to see these stats and make deliberation points from the premise of "we as a panel thought this" and point to the numbers.
From a spectators view, I like seeing what teams scored better or worse in specific areas. It also gives us some light into what teams specific judges liked and didn't like.

Suggestion for this sheet: Instead of listing teams in alphabetical order, please sort everything by rank so your judges and we don't have to constantly look back and forth trying to figure that out.

Rubric: I don't like seeing execution elements lumped in with design elements. They're two separate things. "design" has everything to do with what the team/captains did for the weeks/months prior designing the set (choreo/formations/mix etc.) Execution/unity elements have everything to do with the performance on that day. I'd suggest moving choreo execution and formation execution into the unity section.

To clarify: There isn't anything wrong with the sections. It just will make things easier to move through as a judge. One can think about the design elements, then about the execution elements, then the overall impact. Instead of jumping back and forth.


Wanted to give you gals on DCBC a shoutout for a solid first time comp! I also spoke to one of the Detroit Folk Arts guys who made mention that they have seen an influx of girls coming to their academy after their parents saw that RDR was a thing. The impact seems to be spreading far past what you guys can probably see.

Much love and good luck next year!


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First and foremost, amazing job with how this comp was run DCBC. It was literally flawless. I find the placings very interesting as I had similar opinions.

Thankfully, I had the opportunity to watch the show from the front row of the balcony, so I can’t really speak for how it looked from the lower level. My personal placings were 1. DRP 2. DCMPAA 3. VSB 4. NJ/NEBC etc. DRP was incredibly clean. I was shook by how at each point during their performance, I could clearly see each dancer lift their legs, place their arms, and transition from one beat to another exactly the same. Each segments choreo led up to their drops cleanly. Of course there are natural minor discrepancies, but from what I saw, I wasn’t surprised at all that they won the “Team with the most unity” award. Knowing them for their reputation, style and the kinds of sets that they’ve delivered in the past, I think they did justice to their set.

I personally feel DCMPAA did this the same way but differently. It’s kinda complicated when trying to compare styles to because you have to judge them in their own merit. I hate even categorizing “folk” teams into one because you can’t equate NJ to Soormay to VSB to DCMPAA as they’re all different types of folk, so I try to evaluate them in their own style/merit. I thought DCMPAA’s set was more dynamic and it kept me engaged as every other segment had something to add to their set. Their execution was amazing overall, and I think what sold them above DRP was how they carried their stage presence/nakhra throughout their set. When I was dissecting VSB’s set, all I could remember was that their entire set consisted of 3-4 chaals or a set of jumps for every drop. Their beginning and ending were absolutely fire, but if you take away the fireworks and the other girls that came in at the end, they all looked the same and were consistent.

As for NEBC, I actually came in to the comp as their groupie even though I only knew 2 people on their roster. What I saw on stage was completely different than what I saw during their post-mixer practice. They really sold their more swaggy parts of their set, and they were all in unison when transitioning from their soft to hard segments and that’s what I remember the most from their set.

Every comp and every judge looks at things differently, and I decided my personal placings based on synchronization, execution, and set design, in that order. Personally, that's why I thought SDS copped out of a placement. I loved SDS' set a lot actually and the execution was there. However, from the balcony, there was quite a bit of dancer disparity, and I couldn't really tell what the formations were for the most part. Their mix, energy, and set were absolute fire though.
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Official Show Videos can be found here:

Huge shoutout to Sophia Goswami of Sophia Goswami Productions for taking these videos and providing our competition livestream. Highly recommend you check her Facebook page out here and contact her for future competitions.