Real picture of Guru Gobind Singh Ji @ White House

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by Deepi253, Oct 18, 2011.

  1. wow just wow

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  2. gagan aujla

    gagan aujla New Member

  3. SanghaSoldier

    SanghaSoldier Member

    That is bouse.
  4. Jatt08

    Jatt08 New Member

    Can Bhangra Empire Please confirm this? B-)
  6. footballforlife

    footballforlife Don't let the name fool you.

  7. HdBrar

    HdBrar Welcome to the Dark Side.

    Without a source, I can't really say this picture is credible. It could be photoshop. etc. etc..
  8. only way to confirm this is asking bangra empire hehehe
  9. Multani

    Multani Member

    haha that's not real people. Someone photoshop skills are darn good.
  10. J Hayer

    J Hayer Member

    very cool photo but def not real lol.
  11. Ankush

    Ankush Well-Known Member

    sick.. but not real
  12. Panj_Dariaah

    Panj_Dariaah Member

    On a similar note, just for shits and gigs...

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  13. sunnybonez

    sunnybonez u trolling breh?

    he was supposed to go to the golden temple when he was touring india but didnt......

    i dont like obama because of that
  14. jfried

    jfried Member

    Sorry guys, been in that room on a tour when I worked in a think tank and that's shopped. I think the real picture is the famous portrait of George Washington, although I don't remember for sure.
  15. Saleem

    Saleem Well-Known Member Staff Member

  16. jfried

    jfried Member

  17. Jatt08

    Jatt08 New Member

    Reminds me of SikhPark :p

  18. Multani

    Multani Member

    haa good one!
  19. SunnyS

    SunnyS New Member

    hahah please tell me that him getting stuck in the bath tub is a joke?

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