Richmond Punjabi Mela 2018 Results

Thanks to the Judges, Karnbir Singh, Raghav Tripathi, and Sabina Kaur for their valuable time and Professionalism. We appreciate your commitment to Bhangra and your valuable feedback to the teams.

Winner Teams
First place - Virginia School of Bhangra
Second- George Mason University Bhangra

Third Place - Griffin Bhangra (William and Mary)
Special Thanks to Dhiyan Punjab Diyan Live Gidha team - DPD for an awesome Exhibition performance.

Congratulations!! to all the competing teams for their awesome performances. Thanks for all your effort.
Line up was
Hoosher From Indiana University

Unfortunately, BU Bhangra could not perform due to injured dancer during the last week. The UCB team had to cancel plans to travel due to some unavoidable reasons. We missed you.


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Had an amazing time judging this competition! It was run really well and had a festive environment with tons of exhibition performances throughout the day, a great board of organizers who showed incredible hospitality, and of course a lot of food. This year the mela was held in the heart of downtown Richmond at Main Street Station (free to attend, as always), which was a really cool venue that was completely indoors and had tons of room for all the teams/attendees. There must have been close to 2,000 people in the audience, which made the whole event really lively. We had ample time to discuss feedback with the teams following the competition, and overall had an awesome time at this one-of-a-kind mela/competition. Huge congrats to VSB, GMU, and Griffin Bhangra for their placings and to all the teams for putting on a great show!


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Virginia has re-solidified it's dominance as a hub for excellence in bhangra. A lot of talent and passion coming down the pipelines in the upcoming seasons. This was just the launch party. Congrats to all the teams for doing a great job expressing their love and dedication for the preservation of Panjabi culture.

The atmosphere was very rich and authentic, hope everyone had a great time!