Royal Academy of Bhangra (Royal Queenz) - Second Place @ Bhangra in the 6ix 2018

Howie Magz

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These girls keep getting better and better with every competition. Really love that you challenge the girls more and more with the set as time moves forward. I think the best way to bring these dancers to the next level is to work especially on nahkra. We all know that the red jodi can really dance in this set and have the best nahkra, but this needs to be emulated throughout all of your dancers. In terms of overall form majority of your dancers need to dance with a lower base and spread their legs. That can also improve their overall form and execution as a whole. Also dancer rotation could be better utilized as all I can see is that the goal has always been to get the red and yellow jodi to front and center. Trust some of your other dancers more by letting them shine a bit. They are better than you think. Once again great job with these girls Hardeep and I am extremely excited to see how they perform at Bhangra in the Burgh this year.