Shaan Mutiyaaran Di (SMD) @ Big Apple Bhangra 2016 (1st Place)


Here is our 1st place performance from Big Apple Bhangra. Can't explain how much it meant to us to be able to perform in our city in front of all of our family and friends!

Shoutout to Akash who was on our mix and truly went above and beyond for us #wwrd. Thanks to HsD as well for helping out with a few segments!

Green: Lily & Malika
Purple: Poorvi & Ruchika
Blue: Iris & Reeda
Orange: Deepthi & Shana
Yellow: Rachneet & Sonya
Red: Henna & Laamia




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Nice job ladies, really liked the innovation with the choreo, definitely set the performance apart. I thought the mix was a little bit of a deviation of your usual style-which was probably to get a much faster sounding mix-seems like a lot of the circuit is moving in this direction.
One thing I would bring up is that with increased speed of execution, disparities among dancers become a lot more apparent, and that is on a team that is 1-12 filled with some really good dancers. Transitions from one formation to another seemed to be an area of weakness.
S/o to ruchika for climbing up-fearless as always


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Ah, the intro brought back a lot of memories of the old SMD.Great throwback.
- Shikka segment was on point/formations+jumps for the starting made it very unique.
- A lot of teams don't pull of the double jhoomer segment well but I loved how you guys broke it up! The quick hard jhoomer which into bhangra was different to watch.
- Dhamaal with the stunt was tight!
- Dilpreet Dhillon jugni segment was best segment of the set!

Good job ladies. Keep it up!


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Meeting all of you that weekend and watching you perform live was an amazing experience. It was an honor to mix for a team who genuinely loves to dance. Well deserved .