Sherniyan Di Sarkar (Second Place) @ Queen City Bhangra


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We hope you all enjoy this video of Sherniyan Di Sarkar at Queen City Bhangra 2018! We would like to thank the competition board and our wonderful liaisons Sonya and Sagar for hosting such an incredible first year comp and making sure our team was always taken care of 😊 Congratulations to Nachdi Jawani Diyan Mutiyaaran (#girlpower) and First Class Bhangra for their placings at QCB!

HUGEEEE thank you to our Coach, @ericsingh3 , for yet again creating such an amazing and fun set and for putting in so much time and energy in this team. Thank you to @saagarm for his help making this set happen as well (looking forward to having you work with us more in the future). Thank you to PablaMix and DJ Baaj for putting together the most perfect mix for us. (PEEP: SDS @ QCB 2018) Thank you to RVD and Rangeelay Jawan for helping us make our vardi extra fire. And lastly, thank you to all our friends and family who have unconditionally supported this team since day one. We are forever grateful for all of you and are so thankful to finally have a trophy to share with you all.

To my Jodi and co-captain, @priyanka.ram1997 , THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING YOU DO FOR THIS FAMILY <3

Red – Priyanka Ram and Sheena Kothari
Ferozi – Manisha Nezhad and Ravjot Kaur
Yellow – Pallavi Sharma and Nimra Hassan
Blue – Alif Laila Tisha and Amrita Vadhera
Pink – Selena Patel and Herveen Singh
Black – Pavan Sandhu and Anjali Patel

Dholi: Simer Singh

Please send any constructive feedback our way!
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Howie Magz

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Great job to your girls as I congratulate you on a second place finish!!! My overall critiques revolve around dancer execution. The red jodis continue to execute at a high level in comparison to the other girls. I know that those two girls have been dancing for a while and can really teach the girls around them to execute on a higher level in terms of nahkra. Nahkra is one of the hardest concepts to grasp and execute in bhangra. The red jodi do an excellent job of doing that. In terms of dancer ranking, the blue jodi did not execute to the level that is required given that they have a lot of front time. They need to really pick it up as those are easy points to lose on the rubric when dancers cannot execute while in the front of stage. In terms of set design I only have a small critique on the props segment. I would say challenge your girls with harder hitting props segments. Whenever I see a girls team rip a props segment it really says a straight F*** You to the circuit exemplifying that girls are able to be better than all guys teams which is something that has continued to happen. Keep the momentum going girls because you all will be able to add more hardware to your collection.


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Hey Howie!! thank you for your comments :) do you have any tips on what we can do to increase our execution when it comes to nakhra? since we have very little time together as a group we end up spending our time just cleaning choreo/doing formations. Would love to hear any ideas you have so that we can stress this more to the girls!

Howie Magz

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With AEG at least we teach that when you come up to the front of stage you have to really murk it. This does not necessarily mean that you do it to the extent to make the others behind you look bad, but you need to do the move with a little more extra spunk in comparison to those behind you. I feel like on SDS only the Red jodi does a really good job of doing that. Also other things with nahkra include a level of confidence that is displayed when people dance. A tip that I have always told my dancers is that dance like you are the cockiest person on stage. It shows from your face, smile and overall body language. That usually helps up their nahkra on stage. Also when cleaning it helps sometimes to set nahkra for your younger dancers (when to look at their jodi and how they should look at their jodi). Overtime by setting nahkra the dancers will get an idea of how to perform that on stage.


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Firstly, congratulations on the placing! I was so proud to see two all girls team taking a comp!:)

Some feed back:

I really enjoyed your Mela scene. The execution of the choreo from the four girls in center sets the tone for the rest of the set. Nice hype!
I feel like the team can improve on saap execution. Like @Howie Magz mentioned before, about props- an all girls ripping prop segments can really give your team an edge. I liked your saap choreo, but it felt like saap segment just happened to the team. A lot of girls looked lost and the degree of saap extension was variable. If you girls could spend a practice focused on solely saap execution it could benefit you guys loads for your next comp - or being that the team has various level of skill, modify the choreo so that everyone can execute to it's full potential and milk that.

You girls could also benefit from some small changes/ flair that will engage the audience and add to the performance. It mostly comes down to standardization and displaying power/ confidence throughout the set, and especially as a unit in specific moments.

  • I think that every new segment should begin with some new energy put into it. When the team begins khunde 2:52, at this moment, if all the girls executed this lift up and push back with more power and swag it would have added to the effect. But again, it felt like they kinda just swayed into this segment.
  • I thought that the transitions between segments were nice and seamless, but if you girls could just add a little more energy into the start of each one that'd be a plus.
  • Speaking to "as a unit in specific moments", pinpoint moves that you want to stress that EVERYONE makes impact on. For example if everyone executed 3:54 like Amrita, 6:24 like Sheena and , these little moments will impact the audience and be remembered.
  • Speaking to standardization, make sure every one is hitting the same angle on moves and spend extra time on prop drop offs. Make sure everyone 100% knows the proper counts to drop off so they don't look lost, taking away from the set.
  • Red jodi has great stage presence, a balance of grace and power your girls will eventually catch on - in the meantime is the basic posture tip of shoulders back, chest out + head up ( don't be looking down, also if you're lost just fake like you're not) can help their presence on stage.
I appreciate that even with a varied skill level, the rotation of dancers was fair. Being so, make sure you take extra time to work with specific dancers on execution of moves they struggle with when they are in font. Some dancers had issues with stamina- I know being on a long distance team, its hard to make sure that your dancers are prepping like they should. Be sure to stress accountability and respect for the hard work that everyone is putting in- You can add video run through requirements to help them with this.

To conclude, I enjoyed this set you and I can't wait to see what you girls do next! If you have any questions or want more specific feed back, reach out and i'd be happy to help.