Sherniyan Di Sarkari @ Clutch City Bhangra Competiton

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  1. SheenaKothari

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    Hello! Here is the link to Sherniyan Di Sarkari's debut performance at CCBC! Hope you all enjoy :)

    Apologies for the video quality, if anyone has a better quality video of us please email it to!

    Red: Priyanka Ram & Sheena Kothari
    Ferozi: Payal Patel & Sneha Rajagopal
    Blue: Simmi Gill & Monica Srinivasa
    Pink: Chandni Shah & Somy Sristi
    Yellow: Alif Laila Tisha & Kanika Manchanda
    Green: Janaki Patel & Selena Patel

    Shout out to FCB for being so supporting all weekend and side stage :)
    Thank you to the judges for such helpful feedback, we look to improve on this at our next comp :)

    Huge thank you to DJ HsD for making our fire mix, to DJ Baaj for our jhummar segment, and to DJ kRRn for making our practice mix!

    None of this would've been possible without my co-captain, @priyanka.ram1997. Honored to finally be her jodi after dancing on the same teams as her for almost 5 years <3

    Lastly, and most importantly, thank you to @ericsingh3 for our amazing set and for being the biggest support a team could ever ask for. SDS would never have become a reality without you.

    *If you're in the Midwest area and are interested in becoming a part of our family, please reach out to me or any other team member. And keep an eye out soon for an announcement regarding tryout information here and on our Facebook page!
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    I am very impressed by this performance and the level you girls dance at. Girls lifting their legs, dancing tall, and executing with that umph a lot of teams these days lack in their sets. However, what hurted you guys was the lack of stamina towards the end of the routine. Several of the girls were walking in the back and it was apparent that they were dying out. Also some of the girls lost that form they had at the beginning of the set. I honestly think that this didn't place was because of those two factors I mentioned above. If you girls can bring up that stamina and maintain that form, y'all would kill in the circuit. Also set creation wise, I was quite impressed with as well. Do a little more with your formations to sell your choreography. Keep this momentum going as I think y'all can def place or even win at some of the next couple of competitions in the Fall. The way you girls executed should be a standard for female dancers to be dancing at. Congrats on the debut performance and hope to see y'all do some damage in the fall.
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  3. SheenaKothari

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    Thank you so much for this feedback Howie! We really appreciate you taking the time to do that for us and it will definitely be a huge help for us moving forward :)
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