Shiv Chand Public School Bhangra 2010

Discussion in 'Videos and Performances' started by LiLSandhu, Dec 7, 2010.

  1. LiLSandhu

    LiLSandhu Active Member

  2. GSingh

    GSingh Well-Known Member

    mad small stage. I'd be afraid to fall off the stage lol. But once again, mind blowing shivchand performance. Helluvan ending!!
  3. Gurbir23

    Gurbir23 New Member


    ....and how in the hell do they get those turlay so DAMN clean, circular, and flat
  4. Hattpichay

    Hattpichay New Member

  5. bhangrafreak01

    bhangrafreak01 Honey Singh - Jado_Panga

    Holy S__T!!! Amazing amazing performance. Shiv chand just top all the teams lolz.
    From the starting to the end it was just pure craziness.
    That is what Bhangra is lol..
    Did they just bring the rumaal on the hands back oh man!!! Sick

    Amazing Band. Singer, Dholi, tumbi and chimta players, etc. on point.
    Everything was on point. Great chero and boliyan selection.
    Dancers were on point. No one was lazy and everyone was in sync for most of time.
    The props were nicely decorative with the silver touch.
    There was a lot of creativity in the chereo. loved the kato segment, jhoomer, dhamaal, almost the whole routine.
    Ending was hella fast and nicely done.

    I am going back to watch it like 10more times cuz whatever I say is not enough
  6. singh911

    singh911 New Member

    pink jori is crazy
    ending was to good
  7. msghoya

    msghoya New Member

    holy god...and there goes the rest of my how some of them put these sick little touches on certain moves, but never seem to look out of sync with the team
  8. Kush

    Kush Active Member

    my fav team period. unreal.
  9. Sunny B

    Sunny B ਪੁਰਜਾ ਪੁਰਜਾ ਕਟ ਮਰੈ ਕਬਹੂ ਨ ਛਾਡੈ ਖੇਤੁ...

    even though the whole set is from sadhar college this year but then again no one else can do it better then shiv chand. insaneness performance...
  10. abhigames

    abhigames Member

    that was crazyyy...epic epic epic
  11. sonehdataweet

    sonehdataweet New Member

    Singer had a unique folk voice- loved it! The saap were beautiful, The extra shine made everything just look amazing. I don't know why but these vardiyaan just seem so appealing to me, simplicity definitely looks better for a live set. Like Preet said above, Everyone is on point!!

    This is what teams in North America Lack! Hope teams can step up and make the difference!
  12. Jungly_Jatt

    Jungly_Jatt Straight The Folk Up

    Testicular Forditude :| EPIC PERFORMANCE
  13. Panj_Dariaah

    Panj_Dariaah Member

    As expected...Shiv Chand RAPES everything.
  14. Basim

    Basim ♥ BTF ♥ Staff Member

    As everyone has already said, Shiv Chand is straight up nastyyyy. They have an insane amount of stamina and their synchronization if off the charts. It's a beauty to watch them even on a low quality video; I couldn't imagine how intense it would be to watch them perform live.

    I've never seen an 8-man set performed so cleanly on such a small stage. Thanks for sharing the video LiLSandhu!

    ~ Basim :)
  15. Jeeti

    Jeeti New Member

    Small stage was the first thing I noticed and their spacing was perfect...mind blasting...

    Lets not forget the Dholi and singer..its an 11 minute set..that is just WILD.
  16. Sgill93

    Sgill93 New Member


    ENVY BANG-RUH Let the music move you!!!!!

    OH MY WORD :eek:

    Bhangra Orgasm ::)
  18. Pooja

    Pooja I put the double o in cool.

    That was like bhangra on crack with like 10 times the speed insaaaane!!! The pink jodi guy on the right with the turns at the end...unreal.
  19. Rajbir

    Rajbir New Member

    this is nothing new. they have been doing this for the past 2 years now. yall late
  20. sumeetj

    sumeetj Active Member

    when was this performance? just wondering, a few move combinations seemed a bit familiar from a few north american live sets ive seen just checking if its coincidence or not haha :)

    these kids are just way too good, i loved that other set they had up before this on youtube. the way they do jhummar is so much harder and with more shoulders than what people seem to like doing it as, especially with alot of big names teams in the US and a couple in canada as well.

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