Spartan Bhangra @ ADZ 2019 (First Place)


Hi Everyone! Sorry for the spam :p

We had a really great time in Madison, Wisconsin this past weekend. As always, we are so honored to have shared the stage with so many teams. Huge congratulations to Boiler Bhangra for their placing and to the rest of the teams that lit the stage on fire!

We would like to thank the ADZ 2019 Competition Board for putting on a great competition and our liaisons for being so patient with us throughout the weekend. A special thank you to Amit Kohli on Stanford Bhangra for helping us tie our last pagh, Saagar Menon for letting us use his dhol, and First Class Bhangra for letting us borrow a shikke for the weekend!

Thank you so much to Srikarran for our hype mix and Teg Hans for our first shikke segment in our mix! So thankful for getting to work with reliable DJs this season!

We are so grateful for all our alumni for giving us constant feedback and critiques during our prep- Raghav Tripathi, Mahadev Shastri, Rishabh Mazmudar, and Neelesh Satpute.

As for my co-captains, Alisa Quemado, Srikarran Sowrirajan, and Diya Ramanathan and my co-choreographers, Grace Ahuja and Neeva Patel, thanks for all the work you’ve put in for this team!

We would love feedback from the BTF community on our performance at ADZ 2019. As a collegiate team, we are constantly looking for critiques so any help would be much appreciated!

Thank you Mithin for both the Back and Front Row Videos!

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Congrats on first, and a huge shoutout to the ladies for holding it down! Spartan is stepping it up at every competition.

Below are a few of my callouts:

1. Energy should not overcomensate form and the completion of moves. The ladies in Ferozi and Red are model examples of proper balance between grace, energy, and execution.
2. Passing the rose to the Jodi idea has been done several times now
3. Having 16 committed dancers is truly a blessing if utilized correctly. Formations creativity and cleanliness was not there- even when having 30 markers on stage.

Examples of formation cleanliness issues

Good luck for the remainder of the season, and if you have any specific questions feel free to message me!


Some quick comments from the back row video:

Intro before shikke:

-Did a pretty good job of having a high energy intro while also not compromising the flow of the set into shikke


-Just a general comment that pertains to the whole set. There are times when you guys are in formation for 4 or more counts. I feel those are instances that you guys can show a sense of your creativity with choreo, such as at 0:54.

-Overall you guys do a good job of transitioning into jugni stances for just one count and not half-fasting it (knees out, back straight, low stance). I noticed this in the intro choreo as well.

-I thought the first drop in shikke hit well with the girls coming up, but I felt that the counts leading up to the second drop kind of affected the impact of the second drop. Had to watch a second time to notice the middle group throwing up the shikkes before the drop. Perhaps have all or more people do the shikke throw? Would have gone real well the 2 circles formation which I liked.


-the transition out of the X formation seemed a bit choppy, with some people forgetting moves/offbeat

-the Jodiyan move at 1:57 seems a bit lazy with the majority of the arms kind of flopping around, especially the people in the front. The blue Jodi do a pretty good job at keeping that move a bit more sharp and you know where the beginning and the endpoint of that move is (chest/hip).

-Really liked this jodiyan segment. Unique choreo and drop. Just try being a bit more crisp with the moves in this segment. 2:26 was nice


-The 4 people jumping in the middle at 2:50 didn’t make sense to me. Like I said, use this opporutntiy to show your creativeness if you’re gonna be in a formation for that long

-2:50-also could have gotten into a lower jugni stance (would have hit here since you guys have done a good job at that stance) before breaking out

-like the way the ferozi does mor chaal footwork (elevating the knee while making the taps apparent).


-thought the red girl killed it.

-though formations kind of seemed choppy here. Adding more grace in your moves will help add better flow to formation transitions.


-I thought the formation and choreo leading into phumaniya complimented each other well.

-I thought phumaniya was one of your strongest segments choreo wise, but the slow down at 5:25 killed the moment for me. You could have used that opportunity to end that segment much stronger


-I could tell fatigued started setting in for you guys where you guys were trying to keep your legs up on double dhamaal and tried to switch formations at the same time


Overall the ending picking up drastically from dhamaal. Loved the different formation integrations to keep it interesting (although work on having better transitions and keeping the formations crisp). Definitely ended on a very strong note.

Congrats on 1st place!
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