Teri Yo Yo Yo Yo Mukdi Ni Oye

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by SanghaSoldier, Mar 1, 2012.

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    isn't the line "yo yo yo yo mukdi ni oye" a modification of that lyric from yaar bathere, "teri jai jai (sp?) mukdi ni oye." could someone explain what that line means, and how it fits into the song, as well as what karan jasbir said and what the fan responded saying? i don't speak punjabi but would like to know what's going on.
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    im mad confusedd too but seems interesting :p
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    Honey singh just needs to be banned from the music industry.....

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    Essentially he (Karan Jasbir) is mocking Honey Singh. From how I have it figured, Honey Singh prolly did something to screw over Karan Jasbir which is weird seeing as they sang a song together (Zanjeer). So now Karan Jasbir is going off saying your rap is wack, and kids shouldn't be listening to it, its like a cancer and parents should do everything in their power to stop their kids from listening to Honey Singh. As for the fan response, hes saying hes disappointed in Karan Jasbir for trying to pull a stunt like this because that makes Karan Jasbir look like a hypocrite seeing as he came out with a song called Chandigarh which was really bad, couldn't even listen to that with the family. The one main thing he says which tells us that Honey Singh did him dirty was a line Karan Jasbir says, "Cheeja barti diya chotu, yaar nahi", which roughly translates to, you use THINGS, not friends. Hope that helps. :)
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    since you guys are talking about honey singh i just wanted to ask do you guys know why 15 saal was banned.. i was watching punjabi news and people were burning his photos
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    I think it's because in the song he's talking about a girl that's not even 15 years old drinking and doing drugs. I could be wrong though.
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    Watch Part III ... Makes a little more sense.

    National Villager Face To Face: JASSI JASRAJ PART-III

    Song was not banned. Diljit decided not to release the song due to such high opposition by the people in general. The song actually talks about whats happening, but most people don't realize that.


    From the video around 1:40 - 2:00 you can see the message that the song is to discourage underage drug consumption not promote it. But different ppl have different mindset.
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    My opinion is that jassi jasaj is a hypocrite. In the part 4 trailer, jassi jasraj said that honey singh teaches little children bad things and he focused on the song goliyan. Jassi said that if honey singh really wants to use a pistol, then he should go to the border and fight for India. However in the music video of zanjeer, jassi jasraj points a pistol at another guys head. If honey singh said he doesn't want to sing the song that is based on 1984 then why is jassi jasraj so pissed. If he wanted to make that album so bad then why cant he make it himself, why is he dependent on honey singh
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    this is one of the saddest (and perhaps despicable) and definitely excessive examples of publicity i've seen in a while...
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    6:00-ongoing man that's such sad real story of ugly 1984.

    Singing commercial(I am assuming pretty messed up lyrics) than on side singing 1984 to show people you are worth something. WOW

    Every singer is pushing for a publicity nowdays for anything. It's not Honey Singh who is permoting gandh, it's these singers who are. If singer's decide to stop than why not.

    Chamkila was killed for his messed up lyrics(who also produced a dharmik cd), and won't be surprised if some of these singers got shot down the street nowdays.
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    lol the previous videos were straight marketing techniques for the actual song and to give it some sort of story and background
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    this dude is full of crap... one of his problem with Honey Singh was that he refused to work on his 1984 track and he comes out with a track about his beef with Honey Singh which is nothing related to 1984.
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    15 saal wasn't released it was leaked, according to Diljit
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    1.) 1984.
    2.) It wasn't so much Honey refusing to produce it. Honey told him to forget about 1984 and focus on making money.

    1984 Tandoor(Tezaab-1984 IK ARDAAS):JASSI JASRAJ

    If that is true, respect to Jassi Jasraj. Most people would choose money and release what the latest trend is. He felt strongly regarding releasing a song about the religious cleansing of 1984-1995 and props to him for leaving Honey Singh since he refused to do it.

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