Today's Mixes on SoundCloud are starting to piss me off

Discussion in 'Bhangra Mixes and Music' started by karan.sanghera, Jan 2, 2018.

  1. karan.sanghera

    karan.sanghera New Member

    Admins and/or moderators are free to remove this post, but I'm simply just trying speak my mind here. Occasionally, when a new song is released, I look to SoundCloud to search for a decent sounding mix. However, over the years I've noticed a common pattern.

    1. DJ's name is DJ ASF, JST, ASS, ASH, ABC, SSD, MSB, HSG, JSK etc.
    2. Each remix is almost always 50 semitones higher than the original (figuratively speaking)
    3. EVERY I mean EVERY remix has a f****ing trap beat, no variation, the same annoying and overpowering
    hi-hat pattern in the background
    4. EVERY mix has these high-pitched dhol loops that sound annoying AF
    5. EVERY mix has the same dhad loop from BTF
    6. EVERY mix has this periodic sound effect in the background (sounds like a bubble popping but idek)

    Seriously, where is the originality here? There are some DJs who genuinely put the effort in releasing original and clean sounding mixes, but the majority of these so-called "DJs" are simply paying attention to quantity over quality in order to pump out volume (and therefore amass popularity). If these guys want to be DJs, at least do it right. Mad respect to producers like Kaos Productions, who actually put effort in to their remixes (just listen to their recent remix album 'Kaos Was the Case'.
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  2. JimmyJatt463

    JimmyJatt463 Member

    I completely get what you mean but why you gotta call out DJ ASS like that?!
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  3. Basim

    Basim ♥ BTF ♥ Staff Member

    Amen - preach brotha! I'd rather listen to a quality mix every month or two from a DJ who is seriously putting the effort in (or at least trying to be creative/improve their craft!) rather than a mix every single week. Overall, the quality of mixes have just gone down hill.. perhaps due to many just having things handed to mixers.

    ~ Basim :)
  4. desi99

    desi99 Aruan S.

    No need to be so concerned about Acronym Computer Mixers, don't listen to what they upload..Listen to Original Tracks instead.
    Just Learn the difference,
    Real Producers, make almost EVERYTHING from SCRATCH like Compositions, Vocals, Keys, Real Instruments.. for ex.. some desi producers or singers compose their music, from Classical Indian Raags, and melodies, and different Musical Scales(Harmonic, Major, Minor), etc... it is limitless with what you can make, because Music has no boundaries

    A DJ is a Disk Jockey who works with Real Turntables, or spins Vinyl, and mixes everything Live..
    Computer Mixers are different..
    A Computer Mixer is not a "producer"in any way, just because they mixed a couple Original songs together, and adding loops, or used someones else pre-recorded instruments.. I mean, you can call yourself that, but stay in your Soundcloud Niche.
    Bhangra Mixers usually do that to hype up mixes for Bhangra teams, that's where the trend actually started, and what it was only for. But now everyone adopted this same style of mixing after a handful of Mixers got big on Soundcloud back in the days...
    Name me One acronym Mixer like DJ ASS, DJ LUN, that can recite the Musical Scales like C# Major or G# Minor Scale, or C Harmonic Scale, or even a Classical Raag...Not many on that list.

    In reality, it doesn't matter what people output, whether you're a producer, DJ, Mixer just don't listen to whatever you don't like. There are many creative DJs and mixers that have entertaining content and mixes as well..
    Everyone is going to continue to do with what you stated before..Even the most famous Punjabi producers on speed records, Gold Media, etc with 100Million views use recycled music, universal loops, recycled Trap beats, and use Ghost Producers..Yet, no one ever Rants about that..
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  5. mithu

    mithu Active Member

    You must be new to the BTF.... There are a handful of mixers who can actually mix. They spend the time create their sounds, learn the trade, and think outside the box. 90% of the SC mixers are there for attention and money.

    A real producer's job to take someones vision (or their own) and bring to light. They have to find instrumentalists, engineers, studios, etc etc that can turn a vision into reality. I agree that some producers play multiple roles, but they do not "make EVERYTHING from SCRATCH" as you say. You have to be naive if you think a producer does everything from start to finish.
  6. desi99

    desi99 Aruan S.

    Farlo Tateh phir ageya mixer
    I clearly stated, it is limitless and there are no boundaries. Don't make assumptions either. I also know producers that don't need instrumentalists, sound engineers, or separate studios, because they all do it themselves, buddy. Producers and instrumentalists that put in years of practicing instruments, deserve the most credit.
    if that's what your vision or Idea of what a Producer is, I'm not going to debate that. your opinion is not wrong either..
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  7. mithu

    mithu Active Member

    Didn't know you were a producer
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  8. smp

    smp Member

    Everything you listed is easy to do, it's the easiest form of mixing. ANYBODY can add a dhad, bass drums, high hats, dhol, raise the pitch and bam render that shit out and label it as a mix of whatever current hot track is out.

    None of them challenge themselves, if they don't understand something that looks hard they don't put in the effort to figure it out. They're overnight mixers, it's a temporary passion for them that will fade because they can only do the same thing for so long before getting bored themselves. Most of these guys get satisfaction just from adding drums, adding a dhol ontop of a song that already has dhol, then as long as it's all on beat they can't wait to share it with everyone.

    Mixing is an art that takes years to properly learn, what you're referring to is the product of people who figured out how to do the bare minimal and two months later started dropping mixes. Current days mixing software is insanely powerful and capable of pushing out studio caliber quality renders but they don't even use 5% of its true potential.
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  9. BhangraSUCKS

    BhangraSUCKS Active Member

    You realize how good I am at mixing? Just because I take 5 minutes to take a mix that has already been remixed to simply add gunshots and triangle solos shouldn' take away from my artistic creativity and contributions to the circuit.

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