UNC Bhangra Elite @ Bhangra in the Burgh 4


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Hey all,

Here is our vid from BIB4, thanks to Sid. We are open to any advice we can get to improve our set. Thanks to the BIB committee for giving us an opportunity to dance at a well-run competition. Overall we had a great weekend in Pittsburgh, and look forward to meeting the other teams again at future comps!

UNC Bhangra Elite @ Burgh 4


I put the double o in cool.
Great job - nice to see UNC making a comeback!

- Really liked the intro sapps part
- Formations were nice, lots of great movement around
- Very clean/synchronized performance
- Energy was consistent then died out towards the end, ending needs a more powerful song maybe?
- there were a few awkward points like right before the kuriya ne bhangra chorus the girls threw sapps to the guys and they did the 'chicken wing' step (obv not the real name of the step) - it wasn't powerful enough, and a few other girl v. guy type points didn't flow well
- Mix wise - IMO there was too much non-bhangra music/beats which sort of drowned out the songs (maybe a lighter beat in the background)


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dude this was even better than i remembered watching it! MIX WAS HYPE YO! your saap and khunda segment were very well done! and i would say for basically every song your choreo was perfect! it went so well with the song. loved your phummania, chaal/jugni OMG the lehriya, AHHH loved it! good job, i was waiting to see this! PS thats all me screaming in the back! i can guarantee it lol. overall awesome set loved it!


really clean and I was entertained throughout the entire set! nicely done! thought the prop segments were realllyyyyyy hype! definitely enjoyed that performance!


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ok this was posted WAY too late. This was hands down, my fav set from burgh.


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Alan, I sent Bianca from your team a detailed review on your BIB performance. Keep workin hard, def a hot collegiate team to look out for in 2011.


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Wow really impressed. Im going to have to agree with Kush and say this was one of the best performances of the night.
-Best saap segment of the night. very creative, a bit to much standing around after the saap throw/switch.
-formations were all being hit, kept it very clean.
- at points i thought song selection couldv'e been better (ending).
- work on energy towards the end. you guys begin with great energy try to find a middle ground and maintain throughout the performance.
- red yellow (guys) ripped it!

Overall UNC's best set. after seeing this i deff think you guys deserved to place. keep up the good work, and let the haters hate 8)


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I have to agree with kush and ankush...really surprised this did not place...regardless, very impressed and expecting big things from UNC in the future


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This set was straight up sick! Mad props to carolina for coming strong. Keep up the awesome work!


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extremely impressed, baffled that this didn't place at all :s well done to you all, definitely some prize money coming to you guys if you do some more comps next year.


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i watched this from stage left at burgh but DUDE this is so much more amazing from the front!
- saap segment was def the sickest of the night.
- i nearly flipped a shit at the beginning of jhummar. everybody around me during burgh can attest to that- sooo sickk
- one thing I will say is that many of your moves are creative but there are also long segments where you do lifts for long periods of time. this is fine, but at least switch up the arms.
- you guys used the stage probably better than anybody else at burgh
- amazing energy on camera, though I will say I saw energy die a little towards the end (esp for green jodi girls) when I watched live
- i said this at burgh and i'll say this again- you guys are a placing team. i can't wait to see you guys this coming semester
- your new vardi will do wonders. can't wait to see them

unc (esp. alan, rashi, and anjana) congrats on a MIND-BLASTING burgh performance. can't wait to see VPD.


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got me so pumped watching this live ...i kept screaming "asian benny"...def a dark horse for a 2013 us east e8 bid, especially given their team name