VanCity Bhangra Coed - Elite 2018 - Second place


Husky Bhangra (retired); KWG; GR
Congrats on second place. Vancity has a unique style and execution that I am happy to see continues to grow with new dancers.
What this performance did well:
-Choreo and style were unique (didn't feel derivative)
-Interesting use of formations for drops
-Good use of stage
-Splitting guys and girls as sort of two separate units
-Energy at the end
What I personally think could be better:
-Increased complexity-The formations were certainly hard to execute as a dancer I'm sure-I think everyone on BTF can relate to practices where hours are spent moving as a line across stage, however, despite the difficulty of execution, if its not completely and exactly perfect, its not exactly worth the effort. You guys had a lot of line-work, its visually simple imo despite being hard to execute and because of that there were always one or two people just a little off as you guys did line formations. I think working on incorporating more complex formations, in which choreo is staggered (not all dancers doing the same step at the same time) might be helpful.
-Energy dipped in the middle of the set
-Girls are relatively strong and I think they should be featured more (i think it was about 50-50 in the current set, but visually male dancers always seem to stand out more on stage, so I think more a 40-60 distribution male:female would actually look more balanced)