Vasda Punjab 2


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Hi Vasda Punjab Bhangra Competition,

If you could provide more details on BTF about your competition, similar to how you did last year (, you may gather a bit more interest. I know most of it is linked in your Google Doc, but it easier for teams to reference the basics of a competition on this forum and reference back if needed.

Also, click on the "Competition Calendar" link below the BTF banner at (in the menu bar toward of the forum) to add your information there too!

Just some helpful suggestions!

~ Basim :)


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Vasda Punjab, you should have an express indemnity provision included, probably right after rule 19.

I.e. should any action be commenced against Vasda Punjab for any acts arising out of and/or caused by any accepted competition team, said team agrees to defend and indemnify Vasda Punjab.

Let me know if you need assistance. I can help pro bono.