Virginia School of Bhangra: BBC XV & MCB Jrs. 2018

VA Bhangra

Hey Everyone,

We are extremely excited to share our BBC XV and MCB Jrs. 2018 performances. This semester we decided to focus and compete with some of our most junior boys, many of whom took the competitive stage for the first time. The ages of the dancers ranged from 7 yrs old to 17. They worked incredibly hard to put together these performances and we couldn't be more proud of them.

Huge shout out to Keshav Mantha (KSM) for putting together a banger of a mix and working tirelessly!

Shout out also goes out to our brothers from AEG! Congrats to Howie and the rest of the team for putting on an incredible performance. To AEG and NJFL, Thank you for being there for our little ones throughout the weekend! Big thank you also to Nachdi and MOB for helping out last minute with vardiyaan! Thank you also to our friends from DCMPAA for grabbing our stranded vardiyaan. We appreciate the camaraderie we experienced at both BBC and MCB Jrs among all the teams.

To the BBC committee, thank you for all your efforts in continuing to deliver an incredible experience year after year. It takes a Village (lol) to run a comp, and all of the board members, directors, liaisons, and committee members worked as a well oiled machine! Congrats on another great show!

Finally, huge congrats to Nachdi Jawani Folk Loverz, ABC, and BUB on well deserved placings!!!

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Energy throughout this performance was unbelievable. I felt some of the drops were very similar to your set from BBC last year but they still hit for me. Watching this live, our whole team was screaming for the kids on stage. We couldn't get enough of them.
THANK YOU SO MUCH for treating your younger and older dancers the same and for regularly rotating your dancers on stage!

Gagan Mittal

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Great Performance!! I watched this live and it was very enjoyable. The set was designed very well and had good drops. The kids already have a feel for nakhra and are having fun on stage which is great. Its only a matter of time before these kids are running the circuit! I Agree with Sukhi on the shikke issue, consider getting them something a little smaller. Im sure HSA Bhangra Props can make something for the kids.

Howie Magz

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Always a pleasure to see youngins thrive in the circuit. Really excited to see these little kids continue to compete. Starting Bhangra at the age of 7 (e.g. Yuvi) is amazing and they will only grow to be phenomenal dancers. Also if you want to use some plastic saaps that can fit to the kid's needs HSA can definitely help you on that front. Loved the set and the nahkra demonstrated by the kids. I would say moving forward Harry or Dilbagh should also dance with these kids on stage to give them an extra boost of confidence. I think that will help these kids as they know that their coaches are on that stage with them. Congratulations once again to VSB for bringing such young dancers on stage and doing a phenomenal job especially to Avi, Harry, and Dilbagh. Really excited to see what you guys do next and continue to promote Punjabi Virsa here in North America.