Week 2 Matchup 9: DJ MOMO vs. ChaMak

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Below are the mixes for matchup 9 of our third week in the mixing ladder! Both DJs were assigned the song Londono by Bhinda Jatt, linked below. Mixers were instructed to remix this song as a fast dhamaal segment.

Each mixer's submissions are also listed below anonymously.

DJ 1:

DJ 2:

You can vote by commenting below with your choice of which DJ (1 or 2) mixed the song more effectively. Feedback is also welcome.
Voting closes on Thursday, July 12th at 11:59 pm EST. Remember that voting is only open to those with 10 or more BTF posts. Your vote will not be counted if you do not have at least 10 posts.


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DJ1: The first half beat was pretty cool. Oh my, that drop hit soo hard with the cutting effect.
DJ2: I loved the scratch effects throughout the mix. The bass roll followed by silence was beautiful. But then I don't know what went wrong and the dhol sped up somehow before hitting the drop. The drop coulda hit harder too.
I vote DJ1.


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DJ 2 - piano was too loud for me. Also didn't seem to fit the vibe of the rest of the mix. That being said, I really would have liked this mix without that piano.
DJ 1 - There were some overlapping vocals in the second drop that sounded off, but otherwise pretty solid mix

I vote DJ 1


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I vote DJ2, even though the piano sounds were a bit loud it was a really unique mix and I feel like it would fit really well as a fast dhamaal segment


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DJ 1: Had a really cool and funky beginning, I dug it. Good transition into the lyrics, think the song could've been a little faster for a fast dhamaal segment. Good lawd that drop is hot.

DJ 2: Unique taste with the piano, I actually think the dhol and background hi hats could've been softer to make the piano stick out a little more before the verse started, then bring all the drums in once the lyrics come in. Great hype leading up to the drop. I think the way tempo was handled going into the slow-mo drop was done better by DJ 1 though. DJ 2 kinda messed with the momentum of it.

My vote's for DJ 1


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DJ2’s mix has a lot more potential than DJ1’s, especially with the way everything was layered and built up. The 2 beats before the drop in DJ2 were a bit too fast, and I didn’t like the vocals that come in at the end of it, killed the vibe for me. Otherwise solid job and clean up the layering and EQing in the future. DJ1 was clean but simple, so much more could’ve been done on the buildup and with layering different unique sounds.

My vote is DJ1 because of clean mix that I can’t really complain too much about.
God I love when this song slows down. Makes for a pretty sick drop in both mixes. I wish DJ2 didn't change tempo so drastically at that point or instead used the slower tempo for the lead-in. The layers of sound DJ1 added throughout the first half of the mix were beautiful, and the drop is sick as hell albeit slow. It was all well executed and very organic. DJ2's mix was dope but the piano sound doesn't work. I did like how the tempo was slowly increased at the beginning. It built a little more energy into the beat. I wonder how that effect would've sounded in reverse during the lead-in to the drop. Both are definitely good mixes but I'd have to go with DJ1.
I like the ideas and pace of DJ 2's mix, though as everyone has said that piano isn't blended well into the rest of the mix and is distracting. Gotta go with DJ 1 for a solid mix with a nice slow drop.


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DJ 1, mix was hot. Crash was a bit too loud for me.
DJ 2, piano was a cool addition, I think continuing that by varying it at the drop would've been really cool. Vocals were hidden a bit imo

Vote: DJ 1
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