Where is the Traditional Love?


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Man it's dumb that there are "traditional" bhangra teams and just plain ol' teams, because in actuality the only type of bhangra there should be is traditional because that's the way it should be done, plain and simple no if's but's about it. So-Cal bhangra or other crap is just full of made up moves, stunts and gimmiks to sell the crowd, good job it'll get you a trophy but what are you conveying to the future kids, your made up bhangra? Everyone should learn a thing or two about grace and doing moves right by watching Gabroo Shokeen.

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i agree with you to an extent, a lot of teams just dont have the means to do that though...getting a quality dholi, singer, tumbi, alghozey players are very difficult, and dancing to a cd and people bringing their own parts of bhangra will only help to bring it into the mainstream more...dont get me wrong, i love traditional bhangra, the gabroo shokeens, the ppas, but i love seeing people interpret bhangra their own way as well...but one thing i 100% agree with you on, stunts and gimmicks need to end


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I feel the opposite way. I don't like how all teams just do the same styles of traditional bhangra and the only bases on which they are judged (or differ, for that matter) are how fast they dance, how clean they dance, how many fans they bring, and how their costumes look. It's discouraging to see the originality and inspiration of modern bhangra get disenfranchised purely because a bunch of kids on online forums who strive to be that "all-live-team-that-wins-every-competition." As teams like DRP, Sher, KJ, and UCI (just to name a few West Coasties) are bashed so hard by hardcore traditional bhangra fans that they are discouraged,too; take a look at teams like AEG, MAD, PPA (one of the better ones), Gabroo Punjabis, etc. - they all just look the same in a traditional category of their own. The differences between these teams which determine their placing in a competition being those aforementioned. They all use the same songs/boliyan - Putt Jattan de Shokeen, jugni (Bindrakhia), Putt Jattan De (Shinda), etc. Their performances all consist of the same segments - Saaps (the faster you clap them, higher you place), kunde (the "swing" is the new trend, which I like because it steers away from traditionality), recently katos (thanks to SGPD), then a jhummar segment, luddi, dhamaal followed immediately by sialkoti, and then ending on any form of bhangra. I am guilty of this, too, as when I was the captain of George Mason's bhangra team, I incorporated all of these, it's just my choreography was far from the same as other teams'. It's a shame to see the originality, complexity, and overall North American influence die out in bhangra. At least VCU hasn't entirely sold out to traditionality, as they incorporate a lot of untraditional factors in their routines. I give them a lot of credit for the routine they have right now, and it's very well-deserved as they consistently place (exception, Fusion), but that's not the only reason why. VCU is co-ed and I feel they find that their coed mix adds to their originality. I don't want to offend anybody who loves traditional bhangra with this post, this is just my opinion.


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yeh, i'm behind traditional bhangra but of the gimmicks and stunts I have seen are pretty sick.
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well traditional bhangra is what everyone does these days broo. No offense but teams lke KJ were good when no one knew how to do bhangra back in the days they were one of my fav. team but now its all about traditional bhangra. I mean for people who don't know much how abt bhangra its boring for them to watch and they rather prefer to watch gimmicks and stunts. I jst don't like when teams try to make their own moves and stuff that is like bollywood lol. teams like sgpd nj gs they take the traditional moves and make them harder and mix it with traditional bhangra moves which is fun to watch with a fast pace, energy, and most important grace.

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