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Discussion in 'Videos and Performances' started by gdholi7, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. gdholi7

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    the intro sounds really familiar ...lol
  2. Turbo

    Turbo New Member

    is this the team ppl were talking about that someone separated their shoulder?...and came back and danced?

    if it is....then...damn props man!...thats some intense pain...

    one recommendation though....that jhummar song at 3:44.....not one to use at a bhangra competition(in my opinion)...
  3. Meistro

    Meistro Asi Shounk Nu Karaiyaan Muschaan Kundiyaan...

    yeah the guy separates his shoulder at the very beginning of the khunda segment. DAMN, and he just walks off. Can't believe he returned! yeah that jhummar song wasn't really the right tone for a bhangra routine.
  4. kinnell

    kinnell *Account Deactivated*

    Was that the Sher intro?

    The shoulder injury and coming back definitely is SPARTAN, but here are a few things I noted. The choreography is unique which is good, but it seemed that not all the dancers could do all the harder steps that they had. Dancers varied in talent and a lot of times, dancers used brute force when grace was needed. Definitely a good team and has much potential.
  5. karan923

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    I don't know if it's just me but, their Gabhru and Dhamaal segment is almost identical to Drexel's. By the way, props to the guy who dislocated his shoulder and yet still came back. Niiicceee. :)
  6. Sohaj

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    Thanks for all the input. We are working hard on improving from our previous mistakes. Any further positive criticisms would be highly appreciated.

    One of our dancers did dislocate his shoulder. Luckily, he was able to pop it back into the socket and came back to finish the set.
  7. - Raja -

    - Raja - New Member

    respect for the guy who came back to help his team finsih the set. i think you guys need to clean up and get the set more sync. good creativity tho. keeep it up and hope to see you again at another comp. !!

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