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Considering our forum is otherwise under some type of "maintenance", I will detail my Bhangra League idea here:

If anyone has ever heard of Twitch, the livestream site, you will notice there are live donations that people can send money if they like the content.

Now expand this to bhangra. Gtv does Facebook livestream, just add a donation bar on the screen and allow teams to get money based on performance
Serious medical question: do bhangra dancers have a higher chance of getting early onset arthritis and/or knee pain than other types of dancers?
Doubtful, but I mean if you do anything with bad form it's more likely to happen. Used to be thought that runners were at a higher risk, but studies conducted with subjects that practice proper form, stretching, etc were no more likely to develop knee issues. That being said if you're gonna do beitkes and jumps and not stretch doesn't take a PT to realize you're gonna get messed up