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Music and Albums / Re: Help finding a Bhangra Vocal sample.
« on: Yesterday at 05:36:42 PM »
Welcome to BTF Harvin,

I don't think they are saying "Balle Balle Balleeee." It's the "bruah" effect that you're looking for.

Have you tried to search the Media Center?;sort=date;desc

In the Media Center, you can find a lot of the sound effects, songs, mixes, etc that were uploaded here in that centralized place.

Also, if you search the forum, you will find a lot of similar topics. For example, this topic may offer something similar to what you're after:

Hope this helps,

~ Basim :)

Good stuff. Post the full beat or get mixers to use it. I would love to hear a full song with this mixed in.

Thanks for sharing,

~ Basim :)

Have to agree with my others BTFers, the jhummar definitely stood out. It was ultra creative, really held your attention, and performed beautifully. As other stated, one of the best jhummar segments that I've seen in a while.

Some good comments/feedback already mentioned, but I can provide more details if needed. Best of luck the rest of the season MOB Chicago.

~ Basim :)

Videos and Performances / Re: Alamo City Bhangra [Girls] @ BBC 2016
« on: November 23, 2016, 11:40:49 AM »
Alamo City always bring it. I haven't seen all the videos, but this performance definitely has to be up there. Way to rep the big TX ladies! Quick feedback: Great job with the set. Overall I enjoyed the unique formations, variations of steps, and flow.

As much as I like "hype" mixes, I wish teams (in general) would vary have some variety. Perhaps bring an original song in without the crazy high hats, bass drops, etc. This particular set could use more slower segments, which would do a better job portraying your execution of moves and the grace that you girls bring to the table. You just can't really appreciate that when almost the entire mix is going at roadrunner speed [UTSA reference, get it? ;) ].

Execution & energy of of the Ampal and Ashley (red jori) is definitely quite apparent. I would work on building the rest of team up in their execution of moves, so that everyone does move the same way. If you add slower segments, the small differences will be even more apparent.

Thank for sharing multiple views of your performance so quickly!

Keep up the amazing work ya'll,

~ Basim :)

Main Bhangra Discussion / Re: "What happened to bhangra?"
« on: November 22, 2016, 06:03:12 PM »
Note to all: Please keep your posts on the topic at hand and refrain from attacking individuals directly. This is a good, healthy discussion we have going that should be about the circuit (as a whole), not a specific person or team.

While everyone is free to speak their mind, let's keep BTF's guidelines in mind when posting.

Thank you.

On behalf of the moderators.

Off-Topic / Re: Ultimate Team hopper
« on: November 13, 2016, 07:12:19 PM »
Arjun Bruahhhh.. but I didn't say it :-X

~ Basim :)

Option#1 for sure. Ty for capturing and sharing these precious moments Hardeep.

~ Basim :)

Off-Topic / Re: Jacquizz Rogers
« on: November 06, 2016, 10:03:25 PM »
Nothing, he's right here:

Btw, moving this to Off-Topic.

~ Basim :)

Main Bhangra Discussion / Re: Updating BTF?
« on: November 01, 2016, 07:50:19 PM »
@Hdbrar, I think you meant to tag @Saleem ;)

I can definitely help, but Saleem & Swi are the masterminds behind this. They both are quite busy these days, which sucks, but I've been waiting for BTF 3.0 too, lol.

Btw, what kind of layout did you have in mind or are there are any particular forums you think we should migrate to? This forum uses SMF which is quite dated. I could toss some ideas their way.

I really would love to move to a platform that works well with media (i.e. youtube, soundcloud, etc) or at least have add-ins/plugins to incorporate these.

~ Basim :)

Videos and Performances / Re: VSB @BIT6ix Video (3rd)
« on: October 31, 2016, 09:01:26 PM »
Definitely brings back memories of that clean, Virginia folk, collegiate vibe that we've been missing for a bit now.

Thanks for sharing and best of luck the rest of this season!

~ Basim :)

Main Bhangra Discussion / Re: Where are these bhangra teams?
« on: October 11, 2016, 10:11:52 AM »
Most got married so now they are considered buddeh (old farts).

All they are left doing now is budha jhummar:
! No longer available

Be on the lookout for their collab exhibition act at the next Bhangra Idols.


I would be curious to know too. I know a few of them got busy with respective professional careers, grad school (some went abroad), etc. Maybe they do not have anyone to unite them & lead a competitive team.. it takes a huge commitment & sacrifice, especially for a captain.

~ Basim :)

Mixing Ladder Challenges / Week 5 Match Ups
« on: October 10, 2016, 11:11:14 PM »
Match Ups this week:
   DJ Preet vs KSM [Song: Canon - OVERWERK]
   ICM Ent vs Double A [Song: DJ Sona Concussive (Bassnectar x Renholder) - League of Legends]
   XI Music vs HsK [Song: Gry - What I Wanna Be ft. Maskerade, Jordz The Jay]
   YGR Ent vs HS [Song: Kozah - Unleash (feat. Otherside)]
   DSJ vs DJ Chet [Song: Rick Astley - Keep Singing]


Theme: Desi-fy these songs.

Due to the mods being posted slightly late on posting this, mixes are due Monday (10/17) at 11:59pm EST. Emailed to

Main Bhangra Discussion / Re: Updated Boston Bhangra Lineup!
« on: October 06, 2016, 03:49:27 PM »
Basim, PANJ isn't competing either.

I believe Spartan Bhangra is in the line up now. Still stacked - good luck to all! Sad to see JVD go after this one

My bad! Reminder to self: Never try to post after a long day.

Ty for the corrections friends!

~ Basim :)

Main Bhangra Discussion / Re: Updated Boston Bhangra Lineup!
« on: October 05, 2016, 08:21:35 PM »
So basically Anakh-E-Gabroo dropped.

Updated lineup for the BTF audience (11 Teams Performing Now):

Alamo City Bhangra
Bhangra Empire
Da Real Punjabiz
Gator Bhangra
Josh Valaithian Da
MIT Bhangra
New England Bhangra Club
PANJ Bhangra
Rochester Bhangra

Great points Sid. I actually agree with your stance.

I like having mixes & lighting cues turned in a day before the competition.. so basically by the mixer. If a team doesn't have the organizational skills to get these two things turned in on time, I can't even imagine how their performance is going to turn out, so deduct as many points as you want :P A team's formations being all whack due to practicing within a stage's size & not do certain gimmicks would be just excuses since it's a team's jobs to run these by the committee beforehand and get the proper information that they need.

Maybe to incentive teams to get their applications in earlier and within the deadline, instead of the ability to pick show order, giving some type of bonus like: X more minutes of tech time (on stage) might be a better idea.

I am definitely against mixer games deciding show order, since this time should used to chill out with members of your own team, serve as a meet/greet the entire committee, meet other teams, etc.

~ Basim :)

LOVE this topic. I'm so happy to read about a committee reaching out to bhangra teams/the bhangra community regarding options that will affect each team.

With the competition date set 6 months away, I really like the initiative taken to ask important questions and get some feedback well in advance.

  • I have always liked hotels closer to the venue since it helps teams have some down time, get ready well in advance and not have to worry about the travel time/ride to the venue. Additionally, if the committee wants to make food available at any time (i.e. a brunch after tech time), they have the option to set it up at the hotel or possibly in the venue halls (if the venue allows for it) without much difficulty. Lastly, if a team forgets something at their hotel, it's not hard to for a team member to go grab it.
  • My thoughts align with A.JAGGI about the rehearsals. The more rehearsals that are available to teams, they more planning and slightly changes/adjustments to their sets teams can make. I am not sure if your question was regarding practice space, but I also agree having practice space before an actual performance is just golden. You can even set
  • Necessary: Healthy stuff and/or things that are quick to eat are always a plus. Sometimes teams don't have the time for a full out or want a to a heavy meal, so these types of things are a plus. Absolutely Necessary: A schedule for each individual team on when they need to be where & what is going on throughout the days. The address of the after-party venue is necessary so teams can GPS it if they are going on their own (transportation isn't provided). For the people that drink, I hear that a free large bottle of "booze" goes a long way. lol. Great to have: VIP badges, wristbands, etc for JUST TEAMS so that they don't have to wait in a long line to get into the after-party. By the time teams make it back to the hotel, change, and get to the after-party.. it's usually quite late.. so having access to easy entry is a huge plus.

Since Ram brought up team order selection, I like the concept of incentivizing teams to get their applications in early, stage lighting cues (i.e. if they need spotlight during a particular segment of their set), and anything else the committee may require from teams (i.e. final mixes in before the mixer so that your venue's sound techs have them all ready to go for the stage tech times & performances). The teams that can provide these items successfully in advance should get priority to select their spot in the lineup. This also helps you (the committee) since you have more time to review information (i.e. applications) and plan things out accordingly.

I like the suggestions that Ram through out there for marketing your comp.
Anyway, just wanted to say awesome job with asking the right questions to plan around the needs/desires of teams Circle City Bhangra Committee. Don't be scared to reach out for any more advise.

~ Basim :)

Music and Albums / Re: Panga - Epic Bhangra / Bakshi Billa 2016
« on: September 30, 2016, 10:46:36 AM »
Glad to see you back. Murdered it bro. I like the raw sound of Bakshi Billa's vocals and your production compliments it well.

Your previous collab with Billa to produce the "Aja Dovey Nachiye" mix has always been a favorite.

All the best,

~ Basim :)

Check out the pinned topics in this section of the forum that you just posted in:

All the best,

~ Basim :)

Mixing Ladder Challenges / Re: Prize update!!
« on: September 14, 2016, 05:18:56 PM »
Awesome prize. Thanks for offering this up! Would be a great plugin for any DJ that wants to experiment or add to their collection of digital tools.

Let's who finally ends up winning this!

~ Basim :)

Mixing Ladder Challenges / Re: Week 3 - No Opponent Mixes
« on: September 07, 2016, 12:10:45 AM »
FYI - Original songs were posted here in case others want to preview them & compare to what the DJ's came up with:

^^ Ty to the mixing mods for providing this google drive link with the original songs as it a lot easier to give feedback.

KSM - +1 to this DJ. First off, very tough song to mix (it's not anyone's was especially "easy" this week), but great job building some hype. First some mistakes that I noticed: the mix was not only off beat, but convoluted sounding for me at the beginning. After the drop at 0:24, the mix flowed better. I like that you didn't overshadow the vocals, which was very easy to do in this type of mix. My favorite part of the mix was beginning from 1:00 when you blended that other song seamlessly and flowed into a smooth outro. Btw, what's the song at 1:00? I know that I have it on my PC somewhere, just can't recognize it.

DJ Nitrone - I thought no dhol mixes was the theme? lol.

DJ Real Doel - +1 to this DJ. Another very tough song, but I really liked the light background used and where this mix was going. Nice job. I wish this had a better outro and a little more variation thrown in.

Some of my likes & some quick feedback, but I hope it helps a bit. Great job to the majority of you.. this week was meant to be tough and I enjoyed hearing what people came up with.

~ Basim :)

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