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Check out the pinned topics in this section of the forum that you just posted in:

All the best,

~ Basim :)

Mixing Ladder Challenges / Re: Prize update!!
« on: September 14, 2016, 05:18:56 PM »
Awesome prize. Thanks for offering this up! Would be a great plugin for any DJ that wants to experiment or add to their collection of digital tools.

Let's who finally ends up winning this!

~ Basim :)

Mixing Ladder Challenges / Re: Week 3 - No Opponent Mixes
« on: September 07, 2016, 12:10:45 AM »
FYI - Original songs were posted here in case others want to preview them & compare to what the DJ's came up with:

^^ Ty to the mixing mods for providing this google drive link with the original songs as it a lot easier to give feedback.

KSM - +1 to this DJ. First off, very tough song to mix (it's not anyone's was especially "easy" this week), but great job building some hype. First some mistakes that I noticed: the mix was not only off beat, but convoluted sounding for me at the beginning. After the drop at 0:24, the mix flowed better. I like that you didn't overshadow the vocals, which was very easy to do in this type of mix. My favorite part of the mix was beginning from 1:00 when you blended that other song seamlessly and flowed into a smooth outro. Btw, what's the song at 1:00? I know that I have it on my PC somewhere, just can't recognize it.

DJ Nitrone - I thought no dhol mixes was the theme? lol.

DJ Real Doel - +1 to this DJ. Another very tough song, but I really liked the light background used and where this mix was going. Nice job. I wish this had a better outro and a little more variation thrown in.

Some of my likes & some quick feedback, but I hope it helps a bit. Great job to the majority of you.. this week was meant to be tough and I enjoyed hearing what people came up with.

~ Basim :)

Done sir. Good luck Ram. Sounds like an amazing opportunity and it seems like you're very excited about it. I hope you can spread the word a bit more about this and your team has a chance to showcase some great bhangra.

~ Basim :)

Nice stuff Twinbeatz. Enjoyed this mix - very refreshing. I actually liked your take on it better than the original song. Definitely iPod worthy.

~ Basim :)

Mixing Ladder Challenges / Re: Week 3 Match ups
« on: August 30, 2016, 04:02:35 PM »

Stoked about this week's theme! Hoping to hear some work that screws with my expectations and makes me hear these songs in new ways. Great work so far, everyone.

Same here! BUT you should take that listening to the next level and VOTE on your favorites Angela  ;)  We definitely looking for more BTF users to cast their votes.

I hope the theme forces DJ's to be a little more creative & do something a little difference.

Looking forward to this week's challenges,

~ Basim :)

Also, is this topic supposed to be in the child board?

Thanks for pointing this out - moved the topic to the "Mixing Ladder Challenges" subforum.

~ Basim :)

Help! and How-to's / Re: Looking for DJ to create mix!
« on: August 21, 2016, 01:03:49 PM »

Hi rkaur,

We have a pinned topic in the "Bhangra Mixes and Music" section dedicated for hiring a DJ:

Check out their past mixes and I would suggest PMing/E-mailing anyone that you may be interested in doing your mix.

Hope that helps,

~ Basim :)

Mixing Ladder Challenges / Re: Mixing Ladder Rankings and Matchups
« on: August 16, 2016, 08:55:20 PM »
Good feedback given by preet585 & mithu. It doesn't hurt to try this "assign a theme and let DJ's pick their own songs," but I'm sure it will be much more difficult to give feedback and compare both mixes directly.

Let the mixing mods try this out and see how it is goes.. the best way to learn what works best is just to experiment! :) It's not like the mod's can't revert back to the traditional "on song for each battle" method next week/in the future.

By the way, this is a great topic that had a lot of song suggestions from Season 2 of the mixing ladder:

I really like the "theme" challenges - I remember we had a lot of fun with these in Season 2. One specific week that I remember is toward the end of October when we did a spooky songs/Halloween theme..  trying to mix those songs was no jokes.. required the DJ's to be super creative! Check out some of "Week 6" mixes from our previous ladder if you want to listen to what I mean.

Anyway, look forward to hearing some more awesome mixes. We have a lot of good participants this time, so I'm sure the BTF audience will not be disappointed!

~ Basim :)

This is awesome. Thank you so much for your efforts and for sharing!

~ Basim :)

DJ 1 - I liked the variation from the original song and the execution brought it. DJ 1 also had a proper outro (despite using the very cliche "glass breaking" effect).

~ Basim :)

P.S. - Suggestion: Could the mixing mods include the original artist & song name either in the thread or soundcloud link (or both?). It would help immensely and also gives people new music to add to their collection if they liked the song being used.

Mixing Ladder Challenges / Re: Mixing Ladder Wk 1 Matchup 7
« on: August 13, 2016, 09:10:50 PM »
bit of a n00b with ladders, how do I enter?

if someone wants to enter the mix ladder and participate, how do they enter?!-sign-up-here-27878/

Just pinned that topic in case others are wondering the same.

Look forward to hearing what you guys bring to the ladder,

~ Basim :)

Mixing Ladder Challenges / Re: Mixing Ladder Wk 1 Other mixes
« on: August 12, 2016, 10:42:35 AM »
Really wished some of these DJ's had opponents that didn't drop out!

With a quick listen, I really liked DJ RSK & DJ Tej's mixes. Great concepts there & pretty nicely done.

Some of the DJ's posted mixes that were like 2 minutes long! Watch out for this - the ladder is supposed to showcase what you can do in about a minute. Nobody likes mixes that just carry on for no rhyme or reason.

Look forward to these DJ's showcasing their creativity this season.

~ Basim :)

Mixing Ladder Challenges / Re: Mixing Ladder Wk 1 Matchup 7
« on: August 12, 2016, 10:27:30 AM »

My vote: DJ 1

Honestly, both mixes were pretty bad, so it was just picking the lesser of the two.

One thing that I absolutely hate is when DJ's add a ton of samples & effects that overpower the vocals of the original song. Both mixes did this. This was an issue & a downfall for a lot of mixers in last year's ladder too, so please work on not ruining the original songs by adding a bunch of useless high hats, cymbals, etc. TegHans was spot on with his comments/feedback on this.

I'm a huge fan of the original song, so it was extra painful for me to listen to these bad mixes, lol.

DJ 1 had better concepts. The intro and build up was decent (mainly because you could actually hear the vocals, lol). After about 0:19 seconds though, I am not sure what went on.. everything sound too mashed up. I like the "I only have one question" sample, but it could have been used better imho. After 0:38, the mix got crazy annoying again. After 1:01, I really like the build up and drop with the outro.. I just wish you had ended it with going back to the original song. To sum it up, there were moments of your mix that I liked/had good potential.. while other moments were just awful.

DJ 2 - I like the concept on your intro a lot better than DJ 1, but I wish you had used that slow vocal buildup to your advantage. You can have panned the audio from left to right & then back to the center for an added an affect. Also, maybe immersing the listener as if he's in a large hall by adding some reverb could have been cool. After 0:33, the added sample was just completely off-key. I didn't enjoy the flow of it into the "beep"sound, which sounded very amateurish. Your mix also had a lot of problems with EQ and compression. Why was the mix so loud sounding compared to DJ 1's? I found your mixes to be overly compressed and there being a lack of dynamic range. I understand wanting to add in the bass to the low end of your mix, but I feel that ambition led you to not EQing properly to bring out the rest of the frequency bands. Your highs were honestly hurting my ears by the end of the mix. I liked the concept of your outro with the slow down of the vocals, but there were too many other problems that carried over from the rest of your mix to make it hit well.

Hope this helps,

~ Basim :)

Mixing Ladder Challenges / Re: Mixing Ladder Updates
« on: August 08, 2016, 08:51:47 PM »

Is there a way to monitor if fake accounts are being created just to vote? @Basim

Sort of - I mean, someone would have to manually look at all accounts being registered, compare IP addresses, etc.

I can tell you it's already a problem that I've noticed today - so many random accounts being created with no post history (so I'm guessing they are being used just to vote).

This is why, in the past, we always counted votes manually when people respond to each matchup topic & have a minimum number of posts to vote (in the past, we required 5 posts, but I would suggest 10 now). It definitely requires a bit more work for the mixing mods (having to tally up the results instead of just looking at the final numbers of a poll), but it also helps to ensure that the voting is legitimate.

Anyway, this is something the mixing mods running the ladder will need to make a decision on.

~ Basim :)

Mixing Ladder Challenges / Re: The Mixing Ladder is Here!
« on: August 02, 2016, 09:22:50 PM »
Agree with iJatt - a 2 day window might not be very feasible for people to listen to ALL 15 matches (like there are currently scheduled this week) and cast votes for each.

Maybe have one mixing ladder challenge every 2 weeks? So basically something like...

Monday (of week 1) - Monday (of week 2): Provide a full week for mixers to put together a minute long segment (or so).

Tuesday (of week 2) - Saturday (of week 2): Provide 5 days for the BTF audience to listen to the mixes, write feedback (unless mixers don't care about that?), and vote in a topic (so random new people don't just register & start voting.. have a minimum # of posts required on BTF to count).

On Sunday: Have a master thread where the "ladder" is updated to show the new rankings. New songs are put together for the new challenges. E-mails go out for the new challenges.

And the process repeats... just a suggestion though.. you guys can experiment with what works best for you all.

Excited for this to get underway. Again, thank you for stepping up to run this. I hope the participation level stays consistent this season!

All the best,

~ Basim :)

Great singing and an awesome, modern rendition to an old song.

I especially like that the video includes the lyrics.

Thanks for sharing,

~ Basim :)

Mixing Ladder Challenges / Re: Ladder Coming Soon!
« on: July 28, 2016, 03:54:43 PM »
Please make this happen soon Harry!! *SUPER PUMPED*

Let me know if I can be of any help,

~ Basim :)

Main Bhangra Discussion / Re: Cancellation of Boiler Bhangra 2016
« on: July 20, 2016, 12:38:49 PM »
Long overdue public announcement, but it takes balls to open up to your mistakes so respect for that. Thanks for finally telling the whole story Mohammad K Ali.

I sincerely hope that this is a lesson learned for you, especially when it comes to having professional/open communication, because no matter what major you are pursuing in school... once you get into the workforce, no employer will tolerate a lack of communication & organizational skills.

Although, we as a bhangra community, expect more out of someone who was a bhangra liaison the year before (2014) and was closely involved in the organization/execution of Boiler Bhangra in the past. I would still make the effort to try and reimburse teams that lost thousands when they set aside time from their busy schedules for your competition. In addition, I would try to have a personal phone conversation with each individual captain who you screwed over so your apology has a more meaningful impact.

G'luck in the future,

~ Basim :)

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