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Bhangra Mixes and Music / Re: SONG HELP!!!
« on: August 21, 2015, 10:29:27 AM »
Hmmm.. not sure if this is what you're talking about, but perhaps the lyrics are "ari ari ari hadipa.. ari ari ari.. ve teri meri ek zindadi?"

If so:

Bombay Rockers ft. Overseas - Ari Ari (Rock)

Hope this helps,

~ Basim :)

Bhangra Mixes and Music / Re: OCPD 2015 Bhangra Mix
« on: July 19, 2015, 09:05:14 PM »
Nicely done sir. Good selection of songs; mixed sounded fairly smooth. I enjoyed the listen.

~ Basim :)

Main Bhangra Discussion / Re: R2B2 update!
« on: July 16, 2015, 11:29:07 PM »
Yay for R2B2 continuing its legacy! Good luck to the committee and all teams applying.

~ Basim :)

lets bump the old posts!
2011 to 2015

Moderator's Note: Let's not. Please don't bump posts unless it's for a legitimate reason.

Main Bhangra Discussion / Re: Bhangra At The Falls - Official Lineup
« on: June 23, 2015, 10:57:03 PM »
Woah, that live battle will be insane! Gluck to all teams.

~ Basim :)

Off-Topic / Re: Water Resistant Athletic Socks - 5 Water Socks
« on: June 19, 2015, 10:38:05 PM »
Awesome idea and intriguing product. I'm curious to know how they will stand the test of time and whether they will be able to retain their water repellent.

I can see you've already exceeded your goal on kickstarter, which is great. Just spreading awareness of the problems in Punjab is a big thing, so props on that mission.

Good luck with the venture Jaspreet,

~ Basim :)

Are you referencing a particular video, soundcloud link, etc when you're providing those timings? I don't see a link to anything.

~ Basim :)

Main Bhangra Discussion / Re: Vancouver International Butter Chicken
« on: June 08, 2015, 10:51:58 AM »

It is an actual thing! We also have tandoori chicken pizza and butter chicken pizza. Well actually if you come to Vancouver you'll see that they put butter chicken on everything. You can get butter chicken on fries, sandwiches and even on some pasta!

~ Basim  :P

Main Bhangra Discussion / Re: Vancouver International Butter Chicken
« on: June 07, 2015, 12:32:45 PM »
Three things sir:

1) Those are pretty big allegations & statements you're making against two individuals who you specifically called out  in your post, yet your choose to remain unidentified??

2) Do you know what VIBC stands for? It's a BHANGRA dance/art celebration. It has nothing to do with the Sikh religion. Punjabi culture transcends just the Sikhs. No offense, but it seems that many Sikh followers have a tough time understanding this distinction as I see it constantly being brought up.

3) This is not the medium to voice your concerns about the DATES when a bhangra celebration is held. If you strongly feel that they should not held during the first 10 days or so of June when Operation Blue Star commenced & led to the Sikh massacre in 1984, then contact the organizers directly about altering the dates for next year. Arrangements for VIBC is planned WAY in advance, so you can't just expect people to shut it down or change dates last minute. If you want change, band together a group of supporters (who also feel as passionately as you about this date change), and discuss with the committee directly when they begin planning NEXT YEAR's event.

~ Basim :)

P.S. - I'm not affiliated with VIBC in any way, shape, or form.

Welcome to BhangraTeamsForum (BTF) mongish,

Not sure if you're a male or female.. or what type of team you're looking for exactly (i.e. all male, all female, co-ed, live/traditional, etc)... but here are a few similar topics that came up by typing "bay area" in the BTF search bar:!!!/

A few other teams in the area that I can think of off the top of my head:
Bhangra Knightz
Bay Area Bhangra Club
Cal Bhangra (Berkley, CA area)
Virse De Waris

The best way to contact them would be to search for their team name on Google, hit up their facebook page to get their contact info, or alternately if you search topics on here, you may be able to find a member from the team on BTF that can assist you further.

All the best,

~ Basim :)

Videos and Performances / Re: DRP Lion Bruin 2015 Intro Video!
« on: May 22, 2015, 03:46:07 PM »
Sickk intro video Jackie! One of the best that I've seen in AGES. GOT! Who put it together and did the editing work? Very nicely done.

Cannot wait to see ya'lls performance at Bruin. Good luck guys.

~ Basim :)

Main Bhangra Discussion / Re: Plastic Saaps
« on: May 21, 2015, 01:31:22 PM »
Sexy pictures AalokMann & kamalb! Thanks for the updates friends. This is impressive and I'm glad others are also taking on building these as I feel hardeep had gotten swamped with requests at some point.

Of course all credit to the "plastic saap OG" for the initial designs and disclosure of the building process/information.

Hope the respective teams really enjoy the final product! Looking forward to seeing these used more on stage. Not having to deal with/worry about saaps breaking = BIG WIN for teams.

Would love to see some builders or teams that try to give these a more authentic look (i.e. wood stain).

~ Basim :)

Off-Topic / Re: Gurteg, of Fauj/BU, did something kind of amazing
« on: May 02, 2015, 11:25:47 AM »
Ditto to what Daman stated.

This is just amazing, so mad respect to Gurteg as well as the others individuals who PROMPTLY tried to help this blind man.

Love reading these types of stories. #Respect.

~ Basim :)

Main Bhangra Discussion / Re: Plastic Saaps
« on: April 28, 2015, 03:32:01 PM »
Gentlemen, I propose the first international Shikke Competition*.

Here is the judging rubric:

Technical Execution (45 pts)
> Quality of Build & Engineering
> Weight & Density
> Durability & Toughness
> Hardness
> Tensile Strength
> Fleekness

Artistic Execution (45 pts)
> Creativity
> Appearance
> Sound
> Smell
> Taste

Overall Impression (10 pts)

Bonus Points for:
> Low Cost
> Thermal Properties (flame resistant)
> Electrical Properties
> Low toxicity & carcinogenicity
> Biocompatibility
> Self-healing (whether through polymer/fiber composites or nanites)
> Recyclability
> Edibility

* Not limited to just Plastic saaps. No discrimination, this isn't just a modern competition - wooden saaps can compete too. I, for one, prefer my saaps covered in tin foil. Smelling fresh, warm to touch. Also, spicy. Actually, I just prefer burritos.

hahaha! this is too good sir.

Let's add to the criteria: minus points for using the saap before a sher.

I have the perfect judge for you ;)

~ Basim :)

Main Bhangra Discussion / Re: Ordered saaps from DCMPAA 2 weeks ago...
« on: April 26, 2015, 03:53:53 PM »

Sorry for not responding back. We never got your calls, but did get your email. Our apologies. Our shipment got delayed from India, which delayed the whole process of getting saaps to you on time.

The saaps have been sent and we also sent you two extra at no charge for all the inconvenience.

Sorry again! Thanks!

Handled like a pro!

+1 - Major respect to DCMPAA for handling this situation (the delay of the saaps) so quickly and professionally.

I hope you get your saaps in good condition & are satisfied with them asd39. It would be great if you could post a quick (1-2 line) followup on this thread after you get the shipment.

~ Basim :)

Even though this is a pain to do, I'm posting the relevant posts from the shoutbox in chronological order for those that missed the initial posts/wanted to read them. Please continue this discussion here  :)

In the future, let's try to discuss such topics on the forum so that others who don't see the initial posts can also participate.

SGupta7 [19|Apr 04:11 AM]: Kb, they had a pagh issue. Can't say for sure but I think it took them out of the running because it was pretty distracting from the rest of the set

nmistry2 [19|Apr 12:00 PM]: DRP had a guys paghs fall off like everyone knows, they didn't do anything disrespectful but they took a while to take it off stage and it distracted all their dancers

PunjabPolice [19|Apr 01:18 PM]: paghan should never come off

SGupta7 [20|Apr 05:00 PM]: @nmistry what?? the pagh fell off, was left on stage for two minutes and got stepped on. all of this was obviously accidental, but to say that it wasn't disrespectful is just inaccurate. It's unfortunate what happened, especially because i think drp would have placed had the pagh not fallen and been such a distraction during the performance.

Jackie [20|Apr 05:47 PM]: @SGupta7 for further clarification: the pagh fell off during the beginning of our daang segment and remained on the stage for the remainder of it (1 minute). The reason it was difficult to pick it up respectively and place it off stage during that time was because every dancer on stage had a prop in his or her hand. The window for opportunity was also fairly hard because our daang song is very formationally based, we apologize if anyone was offended by efforts.

Jackie [20|Apr 05:48 PM]: *our efforts.

mithu [20|Apr 06:08 PM]: @jackie not really a valid excuse. Paghs > props or w/e is going on. Not sure why this isnt drilled into every dancer (guy or girl).

puttsardar98 [20|Apr 07:20 PM]: Not to beat on this topic too much. In terms of the DRP pugh situation, I'd just like to say that the respect for the pugh should always be prioritized over the set. IMO, a dancer should have picked the pugh up, stop dancing if necessary, and move it to the side. For the future, I'd suggest teams make this a "rule" of sorts before getting on stage. Fortunately pughs don't fall off so often, but teams need to be made aware of the significance a pugh carries before wearing one and going on stage.

SGupta7 [20|Apr 08:20 PM]: @Jackie, I totally understand that, but to me it seemed like there were opportunities. For example, the pagh was clearly quite loose throughout the first minute or two of the set and as an audience member I was immediately nervous because I could see the pagh rising on your dancers forehead. When it fell, it wasn't a surprise. Given that, I think there was a 15-20 second period where your dancer was very close to sidestage and could have danced off, removed the pagh, and come back onto stage. I understand that he tried to salvage the situation, but I think in the end it cost you a placing. I myself have had a pagh come loose during a performance and have had to dance off stage to avoid it falling off.

SGupta7 [20|Apr 08:23 PM]: I realize it's super unfortunate that it happened, but as mentioned above, pagh > everything. It's not about bhangra at that point, but about respect for sikhism. I myself am Hindu Punjabi, so I can't say that I am the best source, but that's the conclusion i've drawn from talking to multiple Sikh Punjabis and learning how they feel about their paghan, in general. A bhangra pagh should be no different. Didn't mean to put anyone on the spot, but I think that the topic is worth further discussion, considering this has happened numerous times at numerous competitions.

KarnSingh [20|Apr 11:24 PM]: fawk it shit happens, no harm done to anyone. we can all talk about all the dispect to the pagh and all that all we want, we do plenty of things to disrespect more than just a pagh on a daily basis. DRP can handle this situation on their own, I'm sure they dont need to hear from anyone. Respect to them for coming all the way from cali to, they worked enough and long to preserve respect for the culture, tradition, etc ... one mishap that literally lasted 1 minute during their entire season isnt shit ... the hours and months of practice they put in is all respect to the culture that isnt being credited

KarnSingh [20|Apr 11:25 PM]: long enough*

KarnSingh [20|Apr 11:33 PM]: on a side note, the pagh isn't all about just wearing something on your head becasue of religion or culture or tradition... it has a lot to do with carrying the honor and valor a pagh was worn in the name of justice and righteousness throughout history, and wearing a pagh is about holding those sacrifices on your head above all else

KarnSingh [20|Apr 11:33 PM]: worn with*

puttsardar98 [20|Apr 11:54 PM]:   @KarnSingh wasn't trying to discredit all that they

puttsardar98 [20|Apr 11:55 PM]:   all that they've done. This is just a good opportunity to remind dancers how to handle the situation better next time.

hardeep_singh [21|Apr 12:28 AM]: it's tough to decide exactly how to react to a moment like that on stage. especially when going to pick up a pagg could throw off other dancers. you also cant really do anything to stop a pagg from coming off once it starts slipping and until it actually comes off you just have to keep dancing and hoping that itll stay on.

hardeep_singh [21|Apr 12:29 AM]: any sort of malfunction on stage is scary as fuck, first time i ever danced my chadra was slipping off the whole set

SGupta7 [21|Apr 12:41 AM]: @KarnSingh, I get what you're saying, but it's really hard to say "shit happens" or like someone else, "nothing disrespectful happened" when to many people, what happened on stage would be seen as a big deal. People are very touchy and protective of religion and traditions, etc. For you and many others, it may not be a big deal. But the opposite is also true. I say play it safe and do what you can to prevent this discussion from even happening.

SGupta7 [21|Apr 12:44 AM]: As far as the performance goes, I think any malfunction should be handled immediately regardless of how it impacts the set. Any good bhangra judge will see a pagh fall off, and assess based on recovery. I can say with almost 100% certainty that had that pagh been removed from stage as soon as it had fallen or right before, DRP would have been in the discussion for a placing. At the very least, it would've been significantly less distracting to the overall set.

The Honest Truth [21|Apr 01:43 AM]: how bout we all get a life

The Honest Truth [21|Apr 01:46 AM]: that is to all the people attacking drp

The Honest Truth [21|Apr 01:46 AM]: lets find something better to do with our time shall we?

SGupta7 [21|Apr 02:10 AM]: not attacking, but i think it's worth the discussion. maybe not for btf chat though.

singh123 [21|Apr 06:26 AM]: "pagh > everything" you can say that again

agoel21 [21|Apr 03:00 PM]: late but I completely agree with Shawn

This is great. Thank you sharing mrdholi!

~ Basim :)

Main Bhangra Discussion / Re: NA vs UK
« on: April 07, 2015, 01:45:06 PM »
First off, welcome to BTF Aman-Singh :) Glad you've become active on the forums. Hope it continues my friend.

I was just waiting for a topic like this to spring up..

I honestly don't feel this is a way to make a direct comparison because there are so many factors that are different between the U.K. and North America (culturally, linguistically, geographically, socioeconomically, etc etc). If you compare with the U.S. alone, then take for instance there are approx 3+ million South Asians in each of our respective countries. This translates to roughly 1% of the population in the U.S. and about 5% of the population in the U.K. To understand concentration of this South Asian population, you have to compare their respective sizes. Do most people realize that the entire country of England can fit into roughly HALF of CALIFORNIA alone? Think about how large North America is in comparison.

Most of the South Asians in North America are concentrated in heavily populated cities. Because of the massive areas where bhangra had to reach in the U.S., a lot of teams that sprung up in the early days were based around universities. This is why super old competitions (20+ years of being active) like "Bhangra Blowout" have only allowed collegiate teams to compete (and continue to do so to this day). On the other hand, in the U.K., you see a lot more independent teams in relation to number of college/university teams.

I feel the U.K. has come a LONG way in a SHORT period of time. It's amazing to see how quickly the circuit grew there and how quickly dancing talent has spread. While the U.K. did have a few teams that date back in the old school days (i.e. 4X4 Bhangra, Nachda Sansaar, etc), most of the teams dancing in their circuit and the competitions that have surfaced, have all been within the last few years. We have to ask ourselves, without a legacy of teams that helped change & evolve bhangra dancing in the U.K. circuit, where did their primary influence come from? I'm actually a bit shocked that the youth of England did not foster such a cultural dance when the top British bhangra artists sprung from the Punjabi diaspora and globalized music starting in the early 80's.

Here in North America, we have come a LONG way in a LONG period of time. There are certain teams still active today who carry legacies from WAY back in the day. I'm dating myself here, but I remember being in high school and watching top univ teams like Cornell Bhangra that would bring so much crazy energy.. throw in crazy stunts.. and get the crowd pumped by sheer nakhre/rumaal action. If you look at academies, there are those like SIAC who date as far back as the 70's! In North America, while teams in Punjab might have been the early influence, I truly feel that we have evolved and tailored the dance to reflect our progressive audiences. There is also various styles present within teams in North America and hence various competitions tailed toward those specific styles.

Nowadays, there are so many teams popping up across the world, that I often feel the newer generation has lost a lot of appreciation for what was established before them. It's a privilege being up on that stage and regardless of which country, university, team, or academy/group you're affiliated with.. you should be thankful for having that opportunity and appreciate how the style of bhangra you love to perform to came where it is today.

Grandpa bhangra signing out,

~ Basim :)

P.S. - Sorry for the rant. Would love to see more globalization of the circuit as I only think it would help the dance and show audience unique aspects of different countries - U.S., Canada, UK, Punjab, and don't forget out up & coming Australia neighbors  :-*

Main Bhangra Discussion / Re: Competitions in Summer 2015?
« on: April 07, 2015, 01:27:37 AM »
Anyone know of any competitions happening this summer? I feel like its like a drought every year during the summer cause there isn't a lot of competitions happening during the June to August time frame, just during fall/spring time. That would be dope if some organizers made some this summer.... Just sayin.

It makes sense to me anyhow, especially since most university students are off from classes. Anyone feel the same?

Definitely feel the summer time is the "off season" for the bhangra circuit (at least here in NA). Would be great to have at least one major competition.. maybe for the private/non-university affiliated teams?

The late summer/early fall is also a great time to earn some $$$ for doing paid gigs like at weddings and so forth.

~ Basim :)

On some real, this is my last bhangra mix most likely (unless there's a mixing ladder *wink wink*), but it's been fun doing it and I definitely learned a lot.

This new is so sad to hear Nikhil. Another great mixer leaving us :(

I always loved to hear what you put out and the creativity that you used. Most of all, your mixes sounded quite clean (i.e. transitions didn't sound "forced"), which means to me that you really worked hard on them.

This "final" Columbia bhangra mix from you is no different - sounds hot and flows so well. Will definitely bump it. Thanks for putting out such great mixes for so many of us to enjoy.

I'm hopeful for another mixing ladder that is bit easier to manage so that you can participate again! Until then, I hope you stick around the forum as you've always participated and given great advice to others in the mixing scene.

All the best my friend,

~ Basim :)

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