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    Week 4: Bracket B - Matchup 3 (Voting Closed)

    Dj 1 the song selection was bomb asf and the transition between the two worked really well! This was such a vibe definitely don't mind listening to it over and over Dj 2 The concept was really good as mentioned above, it definitely would've been better if it was in key but overall good mixing...
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    Week 4: Bracket A - Matchup 2 (Voting Closed)

    This one was a hard one but ima go with dj1
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    Week 4: Bracket A - Matchup 1 (Voting Closed)

    Very hard one but Dj 1
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    Week 3: Bracket A - Matchup 4 (Voting Closed)

    Love both segments but Dj 2 was more hyped and sounded more like a shika seg , if Dj 1 had the main drop more impactful and the mix a bit faster I woulda gave it to him. My vote Dj 2
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    Week 3: Bracket A - Matchup 1 (Voting Closed)

    Both were really creative but i gotta go with DJ 1 !
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    Week 2: Bracket B - Matchup 15 (Voting Closed)

    Hard one but gotta give it to Dj 1