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    Immaculate + DK dance pak at raptors game

    Raptors Vaisakhi Performance we performed cause it was vasakhi (sorry if i misspelled). enjoy :)
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    VCU elite 8 2011

    same user has vcu up thanks arjun for pointing this out to me
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    bhangra empire at elite 8

    trolled youtube. here it is.. Bhangra Empire 2011 Elite 8
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    TAG @ Bhangra Fever 3

    great performance ladies, i really enjoyed watching it :)
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    PCBCA @ Sher Punjab De

    you guys snapped, amazing performance best of luck to you guys at elite!!
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    SGPD at Biggle Apple 2010

    and karan, just booked u.. u snapped :|
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    SGPD at Biggle Apple 2010

    siiiik, JR u killed it bro
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    daman and rohit snapped :| amazing performance guys, hella clean :)
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    Manak E @ Rangla Punjab 2010 (GTVHD)

    dam kids stole our thunder :( haha
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    Rochester Bhangra @ Bhangra Blowout 2010

    Definitly a massive improvement from nation red jodi is sikkk
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    ****ELITE 4? Allstar edition? ***** + ****Bhangra Federation?***

    Re: ****ELITE 4? Allstar edition?**** lol the amount of beef there is between some of the teams here in t dot, by the time the teams have to go to the competition we'd all end up shooting one another. Wayyyy too much drama here to pull it off bro.
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    Apna Bhangra Crew @ Warrior Bhangra 2010 (GTVHD)

    that set was hella sick. I wanna see your jashan performance so dam bad, i remember hearing your mix in the car when you were dropping us back off to the airport when we were at rangla punjab. It was AMAZINGG!!! Good job guys :)
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    Shan E Punjab Arts Club @ Rangla Punjab 2010 (GTVHD)

    That was a really nice performance, good job guys. The one orange guy who was lip syncing the words in the beginning, i recommend you don't lol, judges never take kindly to that and it looks odd when u do bhangra. The other orange guy needs way more energy, he was mad stiff the whole, move your...
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    NYU Pandemonium @ Jhoomti Shaam (Last Competitive Performance)

    that was by far the most entertaining performance i've ever watched. Great job guys, and i mean that :)
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    How not to get tired.

    eat doday