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    describe your last shit using a movie title

    Black ..... because I was taking pepto all day :P
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    MY NHL 13 Cover

    out of the entire leafs roster you chose GARDINER for the cover??
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    wrestlemania 28

    There's talk of these guys starting off the show so they won't be limited by time, sounds like they have a lot planned!
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    wrestlemania 28

    The only way Cena can go over the Rock is if he turns heel, he can't beat him clean. Undertaker/Triple H will be great, I actually think they'll do blood in this match, something we haven't seen in years!
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    NYPD Elite 8 Mix Segments

    Re: NYPD Elite 8 Mix Segments + The Dankest Dhol Loop Ever Linked For Free I know I'm late, but I would really appreciate it if you shared your great talent with me as well
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    Breaking Bad!
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    What was the controversy surrounding the 300 gimmick?
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    Halloween Costume Ideas

    I've been both a hippie and Jack Sparrow... this year its going to be Razor Ramon! If you were ever a wrestling fan be the undertaker. Or be a Rasta
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    LOL who hasn't :P Things like that happen several times a year in our culture
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    Apparently the same thing happened in South Hall.. now I know this is just a rumour
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    Yaar Anmulle

    oh shit that's Raj Babbar's son!
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    Nachdi jawani VIBC 2008 mix

    Oh Mah Gawdd
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    aja doveh nachiye...?

    It's by Indy Sagu :)
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    Shareing essays?

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    Girls who don't drink

    Just do what makes you happy, I believe at the end of it you get what you deserve. Drink because it pleases you, not because it pleases others. If you enjoy getting wasted and don't mind the embarassment (both men and women) then stick with it... but don't cry about why people of the opposite...