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    Dulleya Veh Tokra Chukayeen Aanke these guys have awesome nakhra...good video for new teams to learn
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    Josh Valaithian Da 1st place @ Bhangra Wars 2013

    performance was selection was on point and loved the attention to little details! Congrats on 1st place, and hopefully we'll have a chance to see yall perform on this side of the Atlantic.
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    *Saini Surinder Interview*

    great interview! lol any update on jarnail singh khalsa and LSS?
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    Are You About That Lifestyle? ;) guys got Drake to perform?? :o
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    BTF Megamix April 2013 (Download Link Attached)

    dj nite pa paaaaaa!!
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    WBBC "THE CHALLENGE" F*A*U*J vs Bhangra Knightz

    poll closes in a few, FAUJ fans make sure you've voted...BK is already too dope, they don't need the extra 5 mins ;)
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    NGPD at HOB Rising Stars

    man....shorty in green is gonna be a problem in the circuit!! and when the seniors came out in the end, i was nervous hoping you wouldnt do behtkaan...ripped wayyy too many pants like that lol
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    Joshiley Jawan @ Bhangra at the Bell Last Performance Ever

    can't even watch the actual performance...every time I start the vid, I gotta run and change my pants after the first 45 secs :o
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    Ajit Singh x Jasbir Thabal x Violinder - Jinde

    This is beautiful, great work!
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    top 5 worst punjabi songs 2012

    loll #2 is jokes stilll
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    Droid version coming soon!
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    What up bhangra ppl, My brother and his friends just made a new iPhone app called "Umano". It basically reads the most current news articles to you, without the lame robotic voice. If you guys have a second, could you please download the app and rate it 5 stars...I'd much appreciate it...
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    TAG @ Bhangra in the Burgh 2012

    always love TAG mixes....keep doin what your doin man, dont change a thing
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    Raw FAUJ Boli Session

    What up BTF, Usually at comps you can find us jamming out during downtime. Was going through my videos and found this. Cherag & Anu rip it, with the FAUJ guys getting creative with bottles and tables to make a beat. If you see us at a comp just spitting lyrics, feel free to jump in...