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    St. Georges Bhangra Mix Capital Bhangra

    Hey guys! I just finished my first UK Mix! Let me know what you think and PLEASE CRITIQUE!!
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    Check out St. Georges Capital Bhangra mix!

    Check out St. Georges Capital Bhangra mix!
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    *** MASTER LIST- List of DJs to hire for mixes ***

    Legitamit Mixed for: Cal Bhangra St. Georges Spartan Bhangra(Case Western) Stanford Bhangra
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    Cal Bhangra Mix Legacy of Bhangra 2016!!

    Here is Cal's mix at Lob this year. Huge shoutout to Dholi Hardo for his work on the mix. Also, shoutout to my bro Mohit Kohli for the hella fire last segment! As always critiques are very welcome!!!!
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    Cal Alumni Mix Clutch City

    Hey guys, Here is the mix for Cal Alumni at Clutch City. I would love major critiques on this because I am relatively new to the bhangra mixing scene and have only mixed for Cal Bhangra so far. Mix Shoutouts: Baysikhz for the jhoomer segment, Twinbeatz for the intro to daangs, and Gsingh for...