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    Sean Kingston stealing bhangra stunts Don't know if this has already been posted, but go to 3:40ish...haha, I was laughing my ass off
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    How to prevent what happened at the Bruin Afterparty?

    I think a system of randomized castrations is the only way to prevent fights at punjabi parties.
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    Indiana Jones sucks, don't waste your $

    Seriously Hans, if you want to waste your $10, there are much better ways. Like contributing it to cu^2's application fee for Bruin 2009.
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    Indiana Jones sucks, don't waste your $

    Hey guys, just thought I'd warn you. Indiana Jones 4 sucks. It makes the Temple of Doom look like the Godfather. Save your $10, don't see it, and for God's sake please don't listen to the critics who seem to have their heads shoved so far up George Lucas's ass they can see the prop lightsaber...
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    Committee Top Di

    HAHA, they called you Cornell? Seriously, who would want to be called Cornell, let alone collaborate with them... Yeah, I think I'm slowly but surely remembering the happy birthday thing. I'd been blocking most of that evening out of my mind...except for the bathrooms at the mixer. They were...
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    Committee Top Di

    Man Hans do you remember that fashion show at Blowout '06? Honestly, I was two seconds away from turning over a table and punching a kurtha wearing loser in the face. On the topic of fashion shows...why do people like to do these? Whenever these happen at a show, I take that as a signal to go...
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    Committee Top Di

    Haha, the year I went there actually was a fight...a few drunk 20 somethings went at it in the corner. It was def. inappropriate...but other than that one oddly placed fight, the rest of the night was great. Its more of a family event than a college event, which has its own cool vibe. Also in...
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    Committee Top Di

    Let's see...I've been to Blowout, Nation, Fusion, Boston Bhangra, PCS Chicago, SBB, Bruin, Bhangra Blast (now defunct), Bhangra Blizzard (also defunct), and Sapna (I guess defunct, but who knows). Here's a blurb on each: Blowout: I was last there in 2006, but it was a nightmare back then...
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    Worst Thing you've seen from a Bhangra Team?

    Wait, I take it back. It looked over some old posts and it was not Bhangra Express, but rather the team was called TBA. I really don't know what the hell that stands for though. SOB Sulman and Waleed were at that competition though, maybe they can add some insight into how awful a dance this was.
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    Bhangra injuries

    Yea Waldo I remember that man...I think run throughs got delayed. Normally I get mad when organizers delay run throughs, but that day I obviously didn't get mad because 1) there was actually a serious and legitimate reason for the schedule to get screwed and 2) there was dominoes pizza which i...
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    Worst Thing you've seen from a Bhangra Team?

    Yo Saleem...what was the name of that team that tried to start shit with us at Blizzard 2006? I think it was something like Bhangra Express or something, but in the words of Roger Clemens, I may be mis-membering. Anyways, these guys were total jerks. One of the kids on my team tried to be...
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    What is "traditionality"?

    Let's not worry about what rubrics say about a % of a score coming from this vs. this. The cleanest, most entertaining dance wins every time. It has nothing to do with someone getting 15/15 on traditionality, 5/5 for stunts, or 20/20 on formations. Competitions pick their winners and then...
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    [HOT or NOT] 2007/2008

    HOT: NOT:
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    team collaboration

    HAHA, that is classic Waldo.