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    B-Nasty's Seasonal Sessions #9 (March 2016)

    daaaamn nasty! back at it again with the nice jams!
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    Learn Bhangra - Single Dhamaal

    Just watched em all great work on these Lavesh! Esp killin it on gharuka!
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    Joshiley Jawan - Elite 8 Bhangra Invitiational 2015 Champions

    JJ at Elite 8 2015?! Wow. Not only is it so crazy you had to go first in the show, but that this even happened at all. When I first heard JJ was performing at Elite I assumed it was as exhibition or that my sources were joking. After all, they swore they were done after Bell, their captain...
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    Ankhile Co-ed at The Bhangra Competition 2014

    This set was fire! Very smartly choreographed , formations and consistent "drops" or buildups kept me captivated throughout, and the song choices helped a lot. Every few seconds esp during props, there were sick surprises. Wasn't a fan of the split color fits though as the jodis got a little...
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    Boston Bhangra Competition Team Performances Review

    Thanks for the excellent review! Great to see all the teams' styles maturing. Props to every team for bringin it!!!
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    Das Ja 2 (Download) - Lehmber Hussainpuri

    Thanks mayne wanted this
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    Cornell Bhangra has made it to America's Got Talent!

    GAMETIME! Best ow luck guys
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    Anakhiley-E-Gabroo Bruin Bhangra 2014 & Ankhiley Gabroo 2013/2014 Mixes

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    Ankhiley Gabroo @ Sacramento Kings Halftime Show

    SIIICK I was waiting for this vid, congrats on this opportunity! Great performance and exposure for the team. Logo finally validated lol. Lol she introduced y'all as uncley like multiple uncles haha!
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    Bullet - Kay V Singh ft. Epic Bhangra

    Obsessed. As I am every time an EpicB release happens
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    Pao Bhangra: Feedback Panel!

    Very very props! I love the evolution of Pao happening over the years, always working to deliver the friendliest, comprehensive bhangra experience.
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    VCU Bhangra @ Bhangra Blowout 21 (GTVHD)

    This video confirms all suspicions: Simran sexiness level has reached 9,000
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    Furteelay Shokeen @ Motor City Bhangra 2014 (GTVHD)

    Intro: Fakeout direction was on pointttt. Fooled me, got me and erryone hyped Sapp: Once team comes out go buck right away with the whole team, make a bang with all of them there, cuz the leadup was already hella suspenseful with the single green guy... maybe don't delay with cripwalking and...
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    First Class Bhangra @ Bhangra Fever 5 (GTVHD)

    FCB! Fiery hot right now. Congrats and can't wait for Bell vid. I'm just proud of you guys for sticking with it over the years until this golden age you're going through right now. A true Cinderella story, a dark horse, A Renaissance! Your team should inspire all other new independent teams to...