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    Nachdi Jawani Waris @ Bhangra in the 6ix 2018 (1st place)

    Anybody know the jhummar song?
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    *****Nachdi Jawani Waris 1st Place @Bhangra fever 8 2018*****

    The amount of talent at the NJ academy is just nasty and hopefully these teams continue performing and getting better because the sky is the limit for these guys given how young they are. Couple of thoughts: - Lot of points in the set where people are going a little too extra on a move or doing...
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    Nachdi Jawani Joshiley @ Circle City Bhangra 2018 (1ST PLACE)

    Also what's the song used for shikkeh at 1:10?
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    Nachdi Jawani Joshiley @ Circle City Bhangra 2018 (1ST PLACE)

    Your guys entry was so dope. Transition into the beginning circle and the 4 guys doing their own thing just great choreography. That move at the end of chaal with saaps at 2:18 was crazy as well. To whoever made the choreo take a bow. The set is there and the dancers are really good as well just...
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    Bhangra in the 6ix Results

    Wow!!!!!! #robbed2017???
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    Ministry of Bhangra Sydney @ Bruin XIX 2017

    This. No doubt this was a great performance but just because you had a great performance doesn't guarantee a placing. I didn't attend the show and have not seen the 3rd place team yet, but judging by the videos KPGD and NSG were definitely better. There are only 3 placings and roughly 10 teams...
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    Nachdi Jawani Folk Loverz @ MCB Jr's - First Place

    These kids have such great stage presence it took me till the six minute mark to realize you guys were missing a dancer. Hope to see more of you guys in the future!
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    Motorcity Bhangra and giddha 2017

    Two words. Sore losers #robbed2017
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    [GTV + Mix]The Michigan Bhangra Team: Winter 2016 (Blowout, Nashville, Buckeye)

    You guys need to learn how to tie chadre. All those chadre in the blowout video were so high
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    He's talking about a small competition in BC called elite bhangra. As an audience member at that competition the placings were head scratching, but most have come to expect that considering how stupid the system is here. I can't remember the last competition where Baldev Mann or CJ saini were...
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    SGPD @ Windy City Bhangra - 1st Place

    Tappe by Jeet Bhogal
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    Vancouver International Butter Chicken

    "I have been forced to write this post on behalf of the sikh community" Lol ok...
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    SGPD @ Windy City Bhangra - 1st Place Pretty sure it was ripped from this video around the 1 minute mark
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    Pacquiao or Mayweather?

    Mayweather. Just because I hate Freddie Roach's guts
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    NA vs UK

    Canada is above all the other regions. Rest of you guys are fighting for second place here lol