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    Where are these bhangra teams?

    Agreed. Also it'd still take a decent amount of time to actually develop talent. Rarely does a dancer go from nowhere to stage-ready-superstar in a year, especially at the level expected to carry a legacy that the elite teams have built.
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    Anakh-E-Gabroo (AEG) Summer Tryouts

    Holy sh*t has AEG really been running for 9 years already? I remember tryouts 8 years ago like it was yesterday. Good luck!!
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    Bhangra dance-offs

    Sounds like an upgrade from some of the battles a few years back. I was never an aggressive battler - but I didn't like people all up in my grill. I remember certain battles I'd join the other dancer would just do pataka right in my face - to the point where I could like smell their breath or...
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    Fire Missing From the Circuit

    This might have been said already (truthfully I can't even pretend to give one single shit about reading all of the above posts), but I miss watching performances from teams who were going to do their thing and very clearly could not give 1 single shit about having to fit the mold of what a...
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    Top 5 Critiques I Do Not Want to Repeat in 2015

    Or collecting dust the pantry of your 1 bedroom apartment. I'd go even further and say not only to perfect the art form, but also to "take it and make it yours." To make the experience unique and fun to you, to enjoy your time on stage, and walk off the stage feeling like a winner regardless...
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    Top 5 Critiques I Do Not Want to Repeat in 2015

    YESSSS! There's so many benefits to doing this. 1) It enables the person doing formations to do formations that flow from one another, and actually make sense. 2) Which will be visually appealing to the audience and to the judges 3) It makes dancers happy. I can't tell you how many times "Yo...
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    Start Commenting on Videos Please!

    Don't get me wrong - I completely understand where you're coming from. But as far as I can remember, it's how it has always been. I don't think I've seen a rubric where execution/difficulty weren't separated. Come to think of it, I've seen a few rubrics where "difficulty" wasn't even a...
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    Start Commenting on Videos Please!

    Here's the thing - teams doing what they need to do to put themselves in a position to place/win shouldn't cancel out the fact that teams should take risks. It shouldn't cancel out the fact that while you're competing, the overall goal of these competitions is to entertain a crowd. Coming from...
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    Start Commenting on Videos Please!

    Extinct might be a strong term. Forgive my flare for the dramatics. Variety is what makes art interesting. I guess two of the best examples I can think of would be like Elite 2010 or Boston 2009. Each team wanted to win, but they wanted to win on their own terms with their own style. I don't...
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    Start Commenting on Videos Please!

    Heh - this sounds familiar. I feel like I've said this before... almost word for word actually. And to Karthik/Faizan's points: A) I think it's ok that the score is subjective, since judging in and of itself is subjective. Treating judging objectively is how the circuit got this way. B) Maybe...
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    Introducing the Learn Bhangra App - Coming Soon!

    Awesome!! Good luck Lavesh!!!
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    It's best bro, it's best.
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    New team in NYC - Gauging interest

    What kind of team? Competitive or non-competitive? All male or co-ed?
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    -- Shaan Mutiyaaran Di (SMD) is proud to present Bhangra to Believe --

    I have all intentions of twerking from start to finish. Try and stop me...