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    Bruin Bhangra XX (2018) Predictions

    Toronto finally took Congrats! Excited to see going forward what direction this takes the bhangra scene. Of course, congrats to Bruin Bhangra on 20 years! Looking forward to the GTV videos. Any word on teams that usually dominate Bruin (Empire, VanCity, AEG, ABC, KPGD, etc)? They...
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    KPGD at Motor City Bhangra 2018- 3rd Place

    Dafuq is this? All tech issues aside, where the hell is that legendary team that dominated Bruin last year? You guys made me a fan and now you leveled down. Whoever thought it would be a good idea to change up that epic production/audience friendly-style you had at Bruin 2017 and wasting...
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    AEG @ Bhangra in the Burgh (3rd Place)

    Good stuff! I was wondering who all of these new AEG kids were at Ankush's wedding. Get rid of those black chadre and go back to silver/white. The stage lighting reflects much better and makes everything overall pop. Also, seriously think about bringing back the white gloves...the OG's were on...
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    *****Nachdi Jawani Waris 1st Place @Bhangra fever 8 2018*****

    That was gnarly. Congrats guys! Anyone have a better angled video? Would love to check out a top view
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    FAUJ @ Bruin Bhangra 2018

    Man, I love this team. Please keep doing cool stuff. You kids have such a unique brand and I hope placings never stop you from pushing the creative limits on the army theme. Bruin 2014 will be one of my forever fav's, but this one just seemed a little off. What actually annoyed me the most was...
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    Bruin Bhangra 2017 Placings

    Congratulations to all of the teams and the Bruin committee on another epic show. Everyone brought some serious heat on stage! KPGD, I still stand by what I said the in the post-show meeting: of all 18 Bruin Bhangras I have been to since 1999, definitely up there with the greats. The overall...
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    Bruin Bhangra Placings

    Bummed I missed out this year, heard it one for the record books. DRP always comes guns-blazing for Bruin, congrats! BASS, way to put the Aussie scene on the map boys Now...
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    Excellent lineup! Looking forward to another great Bruin
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    CSUN Bhangra Games 2016: Thank you!

    It was so great to see another solid Bhangra competition in LA. For being a new comp with a brand new committee, you guys were more than accommodating to the judges and it looked like the teams were taken care of exceptionally well (boxes of pizzas, dressing rooms, tons of water, etc.) Very...
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    Cost for 5-6 mins bhangra mix

    Whoa this is insane. Part of the fun is having someone on the team learning how to mix (or even design a logo, gear, etc.) and growing with them. You get realtime input from your crew, immediate changes, and at the end of the day it's YOUR VISION. Advice: half of those effects and widgets in...
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    DOB 2016 Placings and Reviews

    Congrats Ladies! Way to pack a punch!
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    Soundcloud - Copyrighted Content

    Going to threadjack Jason's post... I've recently received a handful of emails from YouTube regarding copyrights on songs used in performance videos I posted AGES ago. Example: The emails aren't all that intimidating and the videos haven't been taken down, so I would guess it's nothing...
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    Bhangra Vaardi Template (.PSD)

    Hey Guys...been a minute Found an old vaardi template I made ages ago that a local kids team needed. Thought I'd share the wealth! Anyone with basic photo editing skills should be able to navigate the file. Attached are some old examples if you need a starting point If you're really...
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    Tryouts for all guys new Bhangra team- Los Angeles

    Urge all SoCal dancers (new and old) to check this team out. I went to one of their practices earlier in the year and they're a great group of kids coming out of a quiet LA Bhangra scene looking to shake things up. They actually have some nutty and "ambitious" ideas and actively looking to...