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    ALBUM: Amar Sandhu & PRANNA - "New Era"

    Damn its been a long time, years to be exact, since i've logged in or posted on this site. But i really appreciate this platform because this is where my music career began. 6 years ago, a friend of mine posted a random mix i made onto BTF and from there, the love and support everyone showed me...
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    2NyCe - Still Making Mixes?

    whatup man.... unfortunately, i am not! i pretty much stopped mixing after i graduated last year... fully doing production now and got a few projects/possible album in the works set to release next year. thanks for the kind words and reaching out tho!
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    Monitor Speakers

    yahama HS80m's.... absolutely great monitors. very flat and pretty much developed from the former industry standard yamaha NS10's
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    bfa big fish audiuo request

    Roots of India: Bollywood Elements: have fun.
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    Amar Sandhu Performing at A Gig In Maryland

    The song is actually set to release this spring. What we dropped was the concept back when we made it last year but now its finally finished and ready to go.
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    ♫ ♫ GSingh - Das Ja Melene Remix (Make It Rain) ♫ ♫

    shiiiiit i remember this.....great extended and final version.
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    amar sandhu

    not my place to say exactly but as far as i know this song was originally sung for the team, remixed by dj prince (DBI), and then epic bhangra made his own production to it and released a promo. since then it has not been progressed on but that is not to say it wont ever be finished, hopefully...
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    ***DJ Ra - Dance From The Heart***

    ah dude i know u emailed me this but i never got a chance to check it my bad.....but this is dope i like it, very clean and u can tell you put time in. i didnt listen with bass but my only critique would be add more low end or lower pitched sounding sounds to it throughout because the voices are...
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    Happy Thanksgiving To All!

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    Kharku being mixed way to much?

    haha i fit this category! but don't'll hear alot from me in this upcoming year ;)
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    dammit RDB...dont go down this route, please. (-_-)
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    Grime Bhangra Instrumental

    alotta producers dont want to give out instrumentals for free... EDIT: just read that it says "Will send to anyone who wants."....nevermind! haha gotta read more carefully next time