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    Dhol Dagga Rip

    heres a video i posted a while back that jasraj made on how to replace the dhugga. hope it helps ! Dhugga Install Tutorial
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    The Folk King Tribute To Kuldeep Manak DOWNLOAD

    karma for you good sir
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    i think hes better off playing kabaddi
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    hope he doesn't rap in this song
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    Apna Virsa Academy @ Bhangra Idols 2012 (GTV)

    any1 know the name of the song at 3:40?
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    How To Catch A Predator On PlayStation 3

    this guys jokes.. and the reason hes breathing heavy is cuz he wears a bandana on his face when he records :P
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    not a fan of his style.. its funny how kuldeep manak dissed ADH in an interview.. he made a track with the guy and couldn't even remember his name
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    No where to Invest in India?

    couldn't have said it better my self.. why invest in a place where you can buy off the police and parliament. india is an up and coming country but it will go no where if changes aren't made.
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    ***G.o.o.D Ft. Kuldeep Manak & Cudii - Milade Sohne Yaar Nu (Memories Mix)***

    bro could you post the original milade sohne yaar nu track? ive been looking for it everywhere !
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    amazing drum cover/remix of adele - rolling in the deep

    yeah bro.. hes pretty legit ! .. just check out his youtube page hes got a few videos up
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    amazing drum cover/remix of adele - rolling in the deep

    checkout my buddy/fellow dhol circle member paul the drummer nanuwa's cover of rolling in the deep Adele - Rolling in the Deep (Drum Cover/Remix) - Paul 'The Drummer' Nanuwa (PTDN)
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    Mixing without Beatmapping

    i guess what smp is tryna say is that with beatmapping ur limited to what songs you can mix together. back in the day when me and smp (shaun atwal) used to dj it was very easy for us to re-make the mixes that other djs made because all they did was simply take a punjabi song, an instrumental...
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    Big Apple Bhangra 2011: Team Mixer

    thanks boss.. karma for u :)
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    BAB Mixer - Team Videos

    jaideep to the RESCUE !