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    Ah, you're probably referring to ABC. I was shooting a mini documentary on ABC, hence you saw me walking around recording them throughout the weekend. I did hang out with a few other teams, such as Shan E Punjab, Bruin Bhangra, and a few members of Vancity and SFBC. For the teams that asked me...
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    Bruin Bhangra Placings

    I have an immense amount of love for my people on the Bruin Bhangra committee, they invested soo much time and effort into this show. That being said, I hope this comment isn't taken in the wrong context. However, in relation to this particular topic, there was in fact a technical issue with...
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    Surrey India Arts Club @ Legacy of Bhangra 2015

    SIAC's performance has been re-uploaded in lieu of a naming error in the video. Here's the new link!
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    CSUN Bhangra 2016 Live Streaming

    Testing was successful, live-stream is good to go! Due to bandwidth restrictions, the live-stream will be HD 720P. Show is set to begin at 6:30 PM PST, and the stream will begin shortly before that. Enjoy! HH
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    CSUN Bhangra 2016 Live Streaming

    Hello all! Provided that there are no technical difficulties at the venue, we will be streaming the CSUN Bhangra 2016 competition online. The competition is taking place on Saturday March 5 2016. The show is set to start at 6:30PM, we will begin the stream shortly before the actual show...
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    Las Vegas All Stars III - April 30, 2016

    Actually, for teams that perform on music, same goes to you! APPLY! I mean, hey, it's Vegas :)
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    Las Vegas All Stars III - April 30, 2016

    Re: LIVE BHANGRA competition in LAS VEGAS 04.30.16 I'd like to chime in to offer some support for the Las Vegas All Stars organization. They're experiencing trouble locking in LIVE teams. Live teams: I've been to this show the last two years, and I can vouch for their credibility. Sure...
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    I've reviewed the video. While I do agree that it was a petty mistake on part of the announcer, and that the announcer could/should have done a better job rectifying the mistake (instead of re-enacting the Steve Harvey incident) it was indeed a honest mistake. When you look at the name 'West...
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    Bhangra Blowout 23 Apps Due TOMORROW!

    Can't wait to be back this year! Teams, if you haven't already, submit them applications now!
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    Clutch City Bhangra Competition - Registration Open!!!

    Even better... Me! Go register now! xoxo <3
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    First Class Bhangra @ Buckeye Mela 9! [First Place]

    Just how Ammy Virk would appreciate you using Zindabaad Yaariyan 'in your set' #justsayin
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    This is a show that every Bhangra team/enthusiast/dancer needs to experience at least once. I've been there two years now, and I can say without a doubt, this show is unique in its own ways. Apply now, it'll be one hell of an experience! -hh