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    I'm a little late because I don't comment on here much but I think this deserved one. Just this one performance made me wanna watch more. Performance was hype and Red Jorhi was killer (bearded red hitting shikke and lesser bearded red hitting that last song was dope)! Couldn't keep my eyes off...
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    [VIDEO & MIX RELEASE] CMU Bhangra @ Bhangra Blowout 2015 **Third Place**

    Re: [VIDEO RELEASE] CMU Bhangra @ Bhangra Blowout 2015 **Third Place** The dancers/ routine seem to get better with every competition and I really enjoy watching that a lot. Especially since being a collegiate team makes it harder to have consistency of dancers on the team. Also, I love that...
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    Top 5 Critiques I Do Not Want to Repeat in 2015

    Couldn't agree more! Best thing I've read on Btf after a long time now
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    Gabru Chel Chabileh - 1st Place at The Bhangra Competition

    That chaafa move at 4:22 was boss 8) Loved the change of pace throughout the routine and finally more guys teams that put emphasis on formations. I see it with collegiate teams a lot but the fluidity through formations always makes a set more appealing for me because it shows the thought put...
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    First Class Bhangra Burgh 8 Mix!!!

    This is honestly so generous of you guys! :) Thank you so much for participating in helping out our friend Rajan. It's great to see the bhangra community coming together in other ways to help one another out! #TeamGill
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    Ankhiley Gabroo - LLS Bhangra Challenge

    We wanted to continue what our friends from Shaan Punjab Di had started to spread awareness and get ALL teams to participate in raising money for our friend Rajan. As a team, we're donating $100 to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and we nominate VANCITY, Anakh E Gabroo, and FAUJ. You guys have...
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    Jawani Comes to an End

    Bharathiiiiiiii, who is poor Baljot gonna go to at comps and call "momma?" haha seriously gonna miss Jawani Girls in the circuit and watching the very entertaining performances always put on by you ladies. Wishing you all nothing but the best for the future and judging from the livestream at...
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    Love the diversity of teams this year! Looking forward to seeing the rest
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    Anakhiley-E-Gabroo Bruin 2014 (2nd Place) *** GTV VIDEO ADDED ***

    Re: Anakhiley-E-Gabroo Bruin 2014 (2nd Place) Thank you Bruin Bhangra for everything this weekend, especially Munny for being a great liaison from start to finish! This team has been nothing but fun and you'll see that within the routine :) #gopikush <3 Can't wait to see you boys soon! Miss you...
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    CMU Bhangra @ Bhangra Blowout 2014 (GTVHD)

    Loved the high energy and it looked like all of you guys were having a blast on stage. Song selection was on point but I think their was too many little parts with just hip hop beats playing. Just a bit over done in the routine. My favorite segment had to be the nishana segment. I loved the...
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    Ankhiley Gabroo @ Sacramento Kings Halftime Show

    Lol swi! Sounds like a plan ;)
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    Ankhiley Gabroo @ Sacramento Kings Halftime Show

    Lol yeah I couldn't delete it so i asked moderators to delete my post but yeah this works too Hope you guys enjoy :)