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    Have no idea what even happened or who was responsible for the bottle throwing business.... BUT, how should a team be responsible or be ashamed of a groupie that acts in an inappropriate manner? Member, one thing - team should face the consequences.. but a groupie? Again, just throwing this out...
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    Techno/House Music Sites or Been using both for a while now, and both are pretty good to find the newest songs. Then you can just dl em off itunes or youtube or whatever else floats your boat.
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    Best Bhangra Move

    Jeona maurh, nothing compares to a well executed, syncronized jeona/anda, whatever you wanna call it
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    NBA Playoffs 2011

    Can't blame anyone though bro. They bring the hate upon themselves by acting like idiots off the court. If they weren't "hollywood as hell", nobody would give two shits about Lebron and the Big 3. Kinda sucks that the spotlight is still on them and not on the world champions though. Soon as...
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    NBA Playoffs 2011

    You're right, I just like picking on Bosh. It's like that one kid that everyone picks on in high school but half the people picking on him don't really know why they're doing so.
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    NBA Playoffs 2011

    As much as I like Lebron, he really needs to keep his mouth shut from here on out till he wins a championship. Remember when Kobe was in the finals for the first time in the post-Shaq era and how serious he was with only one goal in mind, that's the kind of discipline and drive Lebron needs if...
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    Virse De Waris & Heeray Punjab De @ Bruin Bhangra 2011 (GTVHD)

    Thanks bro, but I didn't dance at Bruin. It was 7 of our guys and 5 of Heeray's along with our band. Big ups to the boys since they pulled this off in very little time.. like less than a week time lol. And our Algoze master, Lehmber Samra, was missing otherwise the band would've felt more...
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    Hey everyone, let's ALL start doing this!

    This is why you do live bhangra. No matter how much one re-uses, nobody will talk shit lol
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    Official Bruin Bhangra Placings!

    Nah bro, it was 3rd.. Bruin loves us but not that much =P
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    Bruin Bhangra Live Blogging!

    Haha come on bro, you're already a part of the Virse fam.
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    Bruin Bhangra Live Blogging!

    3rd - DRP 2nd - APD/KJ 1st - AEG
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    Most Versatile Team?

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    Damn, sad as hell that I'm most likely not gonna be able to go to Bruin this year.. but no doubt that V-Dub/HPD boys will hold it down in Socal even if I can't join the fam.